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spring 2023 Issue #10

Hits the stands beginning of April! Grab your copy or better yet - a subscription!

We invite enterprising rural women from Canada and the US to submit stories and photos of their lives, businesses, outdoor adventures, office views and beyond to be considered for publication in Trailblazher. Whether you run a full-time rural enterprise or a side hustle – we want to hear from you. We require that you live in a town/community of 7500 people or less, or of course in the countryside.

We welcome all women living a rural lifestyle in North America, that includes women in ag, ranchers, homesteaders, western lifestyle, makers, creatives, coaches, professionals, farmers and beyond!

We believe in the power of  stories. YOUR stories.

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please read the information on this page carefully

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If we choose you to be published in Trailblazher, we currently require that you supply your own professional, unpublished (never before seen) photos to accompany your article IF we contact you. 

YOU DO NOT NEED to supply professional photos at the time of application, HOWEVER, supplying professional photos with your application increases your odds of being chosen to be published as it helps us with our deadlines and coordination immensely - it makes your submission 'print ready'! 

about photos

If you are applying to be published, we expect that you understand the quality, style and tone of photography in Trailblazher. We prefer warm tones, journalistic photography depicting real rural life. We require a mixture of landscape and portrait orientation for every article with a minimum of 300 dpi. File formats we except: jpeg.

please submit photos that are seasonally appropriate if you are applying for a specific issue

very important

by applying to be published in trailblazher magazine, you agree that you are a rural woman in north america, living in a community of 7500 people or less. 

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current callout's

Here are the ways you can apply.
Only successful applicants will be contacted. 

how it works

1. CURRENT CALLOUT'S - specific sections for upcoming issues
2. QUICK PITCH - general application, unique story, compelling angle
3. SUGGEST A TRAILBLAZHER - a rural woman we should know about

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Current Callout's

spring 2023 QUESTION:
"Living rurally, what does resilience mean to you?"

Must be 35 words or less.

Rural Reflections

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These Hands of Mine is a 1 page feature with 5-8 photos (landscape and portrait) completing the sentence "These Hands of Mine________" 100 words max. In order to apply, we require you to supply professional photographers, ready to be published. 

These Hands of Mine

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Reader submitted - poetic-style, inspiring statement to other rural women, trailblazhers
Approx. 250 words

Dear Trailblazher

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Quick Pitch an Idea or Story

If you want us to know about you dear Trailblazher - this is the place to pitch yourself or an interesting story! Want to share your thoughts or research on fibre, regenerative farming, rural motherhood etc. then submit your idea. Our Quick Pitch is the place to submit a mini profile as we refer to our growing list when we are looking for future feature articles, interesting perspectives and unique stories. Good luck!

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Suggest a Trailblazher

Do you know a rural woman in North America who would be an incredible fit for Trailblazher magazine? Whether she runs a full-time rural enterprise or a side hustle – tell us about her below.

We require that she lives in a town/community of 7500 people or less, or of course in the countryside. Submit her profile here and tell us why you think our readers would be inspired by her! Thank you! 

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