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How to Unlock Your Worth: Embracing Purpose, Overcoming Fear, and Building the Skills to Thrive



In this episode of the Trailblazher Podcast, we’re going to take the opportunity to address some key points that have been shared with us since the launch of the podcast whether that be via DMs or words of encouragement. This episode will be your guide on how to unlock your worth and full potential so you can do all those big things you set out to accomplish!

Rewrite the Script: You Are Worthy

Throughout our journey, we’ve struggled with feelings of unworthiness, often triggered by the habit of comparing ourselves to others, whether it’s other women or their businesses, and even in our roles as mothers. This constant comparison can rob us of our joy and allow shame to define us as failures. These insecurities even crept into our choices, affecting how we dressed and what we believed we deserved in life. In many ways, we live smaller lives because of these feelings. However, our path toward healing involved candid conversations where we faced the discomfort head-on. We started asking ourselves better questions, like “What can we learn from this?” and “How can we do things differently next time?” The pivotal shift for us was understanding that self-care is a form of self-respect, sometimes seeking help and openly sharing our truths with trusted friends is self-care.

“Action builds confidence. We have this kind of backward in our society that we think we have to be confident and fully in our power to go for something.” – Jan

Take Inventory of Your Skills

Throughout our journey in entrepreneurship, our skills have been a consistent foundation for us to grow. Sometimes, when starting out a new project or business, we get the idea in our head that we have to know everything about that particular topic; But the thing about expertise is you just have to know a little bit more than the average person out there in the world knows. And the more you practice your skill, the more expertise you build.

The magic really starts when you start adding creativity to it and you start innovating on your skill. That’s what puts you in the category of uniqueness and that’s where we like to play. A lot of people think about entrepreneurship as a certain business, but we’ve never looked at the skills within our umbrella as just one business, and neither should you.

Entrepreneurship, to us, is essentially skill building and figuring it out along the way as you continue to grow and build. You will find that sometimes the path isn’t always clear and you won’t always know what waits for you at the end. This is where it is so crucial to move forward in imperfect action because your skills will grow and as your skills grow, your path will continue to reveal itself to you along the way.

False Evidence Appearing Real

On the topic of fear and reluctance, many people feel this when faced with taking a leap in life. We talked about a quote from Brene Brown emphasizing the choice between courage and comfort, highlighting that they cannot coexist simultaneously. We also mentioned the acronym for fear, “false evidence appearing real,” to underscore that most of our fears are baseless. Fear is a mindset that we can choose to adopt, and we can believe in our ability to overcome it. This perspective applies to various aspects of life, such as starting a business or pursuing personal growth, and the fear of not reaching one’s potential outweighs the risks. We shared pivotal moments, like being divorced and raising children alone, which prompted us to uncover our deeper purpose and take risks that led to the fulfilling lives we now lead. These experiences have shaped our identities and taught us the value of being present and engaged with the world around us.

Purpose is a Relentless Pursuit

If this is the only thing you walk away from this episode with: don’t let your life’s purpose go unfulfilled, and don’t allow yourself to feel like you’ve been on the wrong path all this time. It’s taken us a long time to gain some clarity, but we’ve finally got a good grasp of what our purpose is. What we really want to emphasize is that it’s never too late to ask yourself what your purpose is. Whether you’re just starting out at 20, dealing with life changes at 45, or contemplating it at 70, the quest for purpose is timeless. It might seem a bit unconventional, and there have been moments when we’ve questioned our relentless pursuit, but that drive to reach our fullest potential is unwavering. The exhilaration of feeling alive and aligned with everything we are and have become, whether through motherhood, community service, or business, is an indescribable sensation that we hold dear and you should too.

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Our Favorite Quotes From This Episode

“You absolutely are worthy of pursuing your dreams, and whether they succeed beyond your wildest dreams or become a learning experience, you deserve the opportunity to try it out.”

“Shame is a silent killer of our presence, joy, and our ability to show up for ourselves and the people in our lives.”

“Using empowering language for yourself is a way to build your worthiness.”

September 28, 2023

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