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Connection & community.
Personal growth.
Collective knowledge.
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Our Membership is tailored towards  ranchers, farmers, women of Western & rural lifestyle. WOMEN IN AG, homesteaders, makers, creatives and women who's roots are rural.

"I highly recommend to any rural women that are in any kind of business, at any level, whether it’s just a thought or years into your biz to join the membership. I personally know that living rurally can feel lonely and isolating. Being part of this membership has gave me a sense of being part of something bigger than myself. The help, the advice, and most importantly the connections that I am building in this membership will be with me for a lifetime. I know from the bottom of my heart that the Trailblazer community will be the leading support community for empowering women in business." 

"The help, the advice, and most importantly the connections that I am building in this membership will be with me for a lifetime."

This could be the biggest step you take in 2022 to catapult your rural business to the next level. We're talking about dynamic, collective brainstorming for YOUR business, industry experts sharing their best tips and wisdom on relevant business topics, live, intimate monthly sessions on taking care of you, your mental wellness, barriers and all those beliefs that are holding you back... and SO MUCH MORE!

Are you ready to be inspired & connected, empowered & equipped, to live your best rural life and reach your biggest business goals?

- Ricky, Trailblazher Collective Member 

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an online community you never knew you needed until now!


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Jan & Erin are your hosts within the TC Membership and can't wait to welcome you! They bring an authentic, welcoming, down-to-Earth energy to the group and will be your biggest supporter's.


Meet Jan & Erin.

Your hosts

mother/daughter team, co-founders of trailblazher co, bringing 20+ years of entrepreneurial experience

"Jan and Erin are like coming inside to a warm cup of tea. They are welcoming, kind, and give your soul the warmth you need to be courageous in this wild ride that is entrepreneurship."

- Erica, TC Member


Remoteness, bad internet connection, scare resources, maxed out schedule, lack of a community of like-minded women are the key challenges we've tackled to solve for you within our Membership features, well, except bad internet connection, sorry ladies!

We built this membership to solve the very problems we were facing as rural business owners.

Our years of experience working alongside rural women have shown us the UNIQUE PROBLEMS we face in business as rural entrepreneurs, AND that THOSE VERY PROBLEMS NEED TO BE APPROACHED IN A CUSTOM WAY.

We want to help you tackle your biggest business challenges to free you from working 'in' your business so you can start working 'on' your business. 

The moment you join the TC Membership you gain instant access to our content library and start making meaningful connections with other rural women.


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I’ve only had my membership for about a month but it’s already been unbelievably beneficial! I’ve attended 1 Hive session and that alone was worth my membership. It was so informative and motivating! Not only did I get very practical answers to my issue but hearing everyone else’s was also very helpful. I tend to be a bit skeptical but so far I’ve been nothing but thoroughly impressed with everything and am so grateful to have this incredible resource! - Angela J.

I’ve attended 1 Hive session and that alone was worth my membership

I’m really enjoying my Trailblazher Collective membership. The members are all inspiring entrepreneurs, each carving a niche for themselves and their businesses while dealing with the unique challenges living in a rural community brings. The content is timely, the masterclasses are really interesting and the women leading them are memorable.

I recently participated in the Hive and was absolutely blown away by the process. I was super nervous going into it, usually preferring to sit back and listen in breakout sessions. But the Hive intentionally draws you out. Each group is small enough to make everyone comfortable and the feedback for my own issue was perfect. The thing I loved about the Hive the most was how, in the wisdom shared by these women, there were nuggets, ideas, inspiration and collaboration opportunities that I can apply to my own business even though the industries are very different.

The Membership provides me with motivation to improve my business but also myself. There is a deep understanding of the complexities rural women face when growing businesses alongside homesteads, acreages, farms and ranches. I feel like I have finally found my people and look forward to growing along with this community. - Angela V.

 I feel like I have finally found my people

I joined the Trailblazher Collective Inner Circle this fall and I’m so glad that I did! It has provided incredible value for the investment. The Facebook group has become one of my favourite corners of the internet. A spot for rural women to come together and share challenges and successes with our small businesses. Living rurally, I hadn’t realized how much I was missing this sense of community. The group prompts and mastermind classes have provided timely guidance to me as I build my business. The monthly Hive sessions bring business women together to share our collective knowledge and brainstorm ideas around each persons business challenges and opportunities - such an powerful session that is worth far more than the monthly fee to be part of the Collective! - Janine

 I hadn’t realized how much I was missing this sense of community.

When I first saw the information about the Trailblaz*Her Inner Circle and Trailblaz*Her Collective, I knew I had found a group of women like me. I automatically joined the Inner Circle and signed up for one of their round table discussions - Jan and Erin’s very first Trailblaz*Her Hive. They posted what we should expect and I was absolutely blown away by what they were doing and what I had learned. In The Hive we were connected with amazing women in various areas of business where we all helped each other and had the opportunity to connect. I have completed their 2022 Business Plan, and have watched all of the masterclasses they have been so kind put together and allow replays on for the members of the Trailblaz*Her Inner Circle. Jan and Erin are like coming inside to a warm cup of tea. They are welcoming, kind, and give your soul the warmth you need to be courageous in this wild ride that is entrepreneurship. _ Erica

 I was absolutely blown away by what they were doing

These 45-60 minute live presentations, delivered by industry experts, pack a punch! Once a month we bring in expertise to help you tackle your business challenges. Topics include Branding, Online Marketing, Current Trends, Personal & Business Development, Automations & Processes and more! Learn live from an industry expert and get instant answers to your questions in the follow-up Q&A. All members have access to the library of Masterclass replays.




the Hive

The Hive

What's Included


Our coveted event! Everyone is buzzing about our live Hive sessions! These 90 minute live, dynamic brainstorm sessions will give you goosebumps. Each participant has the opportunity to give AND receive support around a business challenge you are experiencing. The intimate setting (small group size) will leave you feeling connected, empowered and ready to take your business to the next level. Weekend, weekday, morning, evening and afternoon sessions are available to accommodate every busy rural woman's schedule! 

We've added 3 live sessions per month to keep up with demand.

Learn from Trailblazher Co. founders, Jan & Erin Johnson as they facilitate monthly sessions teaching The Createbook Process - an idea development process they invented in 2011. They credit their business success and alignment in what they are doing to this powerful pen to paper tool. Use it to grow your business, align your passions with your skills and accelerate your business growth as you start connecting ideas and information in a completely new way! 


The Createbook Process

The Createbook process

Biz Coach & Facilitator
Consider this live, monthly session with Meagan a hug for the soul. Rural life is hard. Being a rural women wearing multiple hats can be exhausting, and often our own well being and mental health can suffer. Join Meagan every month for these intimate, candid and honest discussions on topics ranging from self-care, setting boundaries, worthiness & money, burn-out, the nervous system and more. Your self will thank you.

Meagan Saum

kitchen table chats
with Meagan Saum

When you join our private FB group you are joining a community of engaged, rural women excited to meet you! With weekly Trailblazher Tip handouts for your Createbook, daily prompts for engaging convo's, opportunities for friendly audit's on your content of choice, check in's from Jan & Erin and so much more!


and more!

worksheets, tips & more!

Are you ready to join a dynamic, online community, make lasting connections and experience accelerated personal and business growth??


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OUr tc membership magic happens within a private fb group - fb is a recomendation in becoming a member

Trailblazher Success Teams are a self-directed group of four rural women who connect with each other weekly to help each other achieve the dreams and goals they hold near and dear to their hearts. Created to encourage, motivate, inspire and advise you on how to better accomplish your goals, helping you stay focused, accountable and connected.

success teams

trailblazher success teams


 we've got answers!


We hear you. That's why all of the content in the Membership is go at your own pace. Even if you can't attend a live Masterclass, replays are always available. We understand life is ebb and flow and that you'll have more time in different phases of your rural business. Make the most of your time when you've got it to implement your learning, make sure you attend one Hive session per month and you'll be off to a great start. Running a successful business takes time and commitment, think about what you are willing to commit each week to your business growth.

My life is so busy right now. I know I need help growing my business, but am unsure how I can fit it all in.


After your first month you'll be thrilled with the value of our TC Membership! The Membership gives back what you're willing to put into it. Attend the Masterclasses, participate in the monthly chats with Meagan, take advantage of the weekly group prompts and Trailblazher Tips and MAKE SURE you attend a Hive session - again, these are life changing! If for any reason you feel the Membership isn't right for you, you can cancel anytime, no hassles. 

I've tried other memberships online before, I'm not sure if I'm ready for a monthly commitment.


Oh yes, video and zoom can be intimidating. But you know what - when you actively engage and ask questions - you learn more, and will develop on a deeper level - personally and professionally. We are all just a bunch of rural women, with our hair up in buns, comfy pants on, exhausted from our days, but with a passion burning in our bellies for our futures. We welcome you as you are. If you would prefer to turn off your video for Masterclasses, no problem. But for our HIve sessions, our small intimate groups of approx. 6 ladies are so welcoming - we promise you will leave feeling invigorating, excited about your business AND the connections/friendships you are making.

I'm usually the type of gal to sit back on the sidelines in zoom calls, I like to keep private... will this work for me?


Our team is constantly checking in with our members for topics you want to learn for future Masterclasses and monthly chats with Meagan. We bring in industry experts to cover business topics relevant to running any rural business, from direct sales, service based, coaches, makers, farmers etc. We cover everything from business automations & processes, online marketing, grassroots campaigns, financials, goal setting, even how to start a podcast or farm store. Something missing? Have a topic that hasn't been covered yet? Let us know and we'll make it happen - chances are other members could benefit from it too!

How will I know that the content and training in the Membership will be relevant to me?


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Connection & community
Personal growth
Collective knowledge
Business elevation

Connection & community

Personal growth

Collective knowledge

Business elevation

Set your goals and get to work. You have a whole team rooting for you. We bring in expertise to help you grow your biz to the next level.

grow! Grow! grow!

Browse our library of content, rsvp to upcoming live sessions and meet your new family!

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For only $39.97 Cdn per month you will have instant access to our library of content and start connecting with like-minded rural. Cancel anytime.

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