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spring 2023 Issue #10

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Trailblazher is a quarterly print publication that showcases and celebrates the lifestyles, businesses and wisdom of resilient, gutsy, rural women across North America.

Each issue explores rural life, featuring
the back stories of rural women and their businesses, recipes, home & garden inspiration, personal development, sustainability, rural fashion and more! Feel inspired and empowered as you immerse yourself in this wholesome, rural way of life. This coffee table publication, with its premium paper and breathtaking photography will have you savouring and collecting every issue.

 a premium coffee table magazine 

connect with the heart of rural women

an immersive magazine for those wanting to 

Be inspired by their way of life, by their resilience in enduring through challenges. Be moved by their bravery and conviction to create life on their own terms. With grit and grace, rural women carry the weight of their households, families and dreams on their shoulders. Their wisdom is timeless. Their skills are endless. Their creativity is transformative. These women are rural... these women are Trailblazhers.


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On the cover of our Winter 2023 issue of Trailblazher magazine we feature the lovely Hadleigh Burch of @alittlewildfarm. Hadleigh will look familiar to you as she had been writing for Trailblazher magazine since its inception in 2020. Her regular section, My Homesteading Life showcases beautiful photos taken by Hadleigh herself and accompanied by her poetic articles that invite you into her rural life. Hadleigh’s accounts of her life on the farm, through the seasons, both indoors and outdoors, bring to life the homesteading experience and the values that underlay it.

Our Winter Issue promises to deliver the warmth, wisdom and inspiration you've come to expect from Trailblazher. We introduce you to four feature stories of trailblazing women overcoming, innovating, healing and claiming their space in the world as they are carving out the rural life they dream of. You'll find simple and delicious recipes to keep you and your family warm this Winter, homemade Cold Remedies made easy, learn how to dye natural fibers with objects from nature, tips for navigating your mental health during the cold months… and so much more. Trailblazher is your rural lifestyle publication, grab yours today!


Winter '23 | Issue 9

01 | four Feature stories on rural women

authentic rural content

in every issue


03 | my homesteading life - hadleigh burch

04 | Guest contributors

05 | self empowerment - meagan saum

06 | digging up the roots - jessica mose 

07 | mental wellbeing

08 | in the kitchen - wholesome recipes

09 | dear trailblazher - from the readers

09 | rural threads - seasonal fashion inspo

10 | rural reflections - reader contributed

11 | homegrown - practical skills

12 | cultivate your business - rural biz tips

13 | her story - a rural woman's perspective

14 | life skills - for navigating the current times

and more!


a look inside

from our readers

Ladies, you have done an absolutely beautiful thing with Trailblaz∙her Magazine… I have been in tears several times already. To read the stories of these women, and to feel inspired that maybe one day it would be possible for me to embody the passion, creativity and success that these women do, it’s beautiful. I honestly feel like a little girl looking up to all of these beautiful, strong, grounded, confident women, inspired to grow up to be like them one day. And I’m 40!! – Deanna M.

I have been in tears several times already 

I just absolutely devoured it. Wow SO inspiring. Every single article had something that I felt spoke to me. What an amazing collection of stories and women… I am SO inspired on SO many levels holy cow. Also it is so beautifully made I am seriously stunned. Fantastic job ladies!!! What a great thing you’ve created. It would be such a DREAM to be apart of this. – Laurel Y.

I just absolutely devoured it. Wow SO inspiring. 

Jan & Erin, I just finished the magazine. I savoured each page, turning them slowly, soaking up the story. The photography is so dreamy, the photographers and their subjects so incredibly talented and captivating. I just wanted you to know my heart feels a little fuller after reading this first issue. – Jo M.

I just wanted you to know my heart feels a little fuller after reading this first issue.

A secret, long held dream of mother and daughter duo, Jan & Erin Johnson was to someday put their skills and passions together to create a coffee table publication such as Trailblazher. After 20+ years working together, they knew it was time! Launched amidst a pandemic in the Fall of 2020, these two courageous entrepreneurs went for it. The community, support and energy surrounding Trailblazher is inspirational! There is a fast growing movement of rural women rallying for each issue - a movement you should join! 

meet jan and erin

the origins of trailblazher

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