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We’re Jan & Erin Johnson – a mother (Jan) and daughter (Erin) team and we’ve been working together on a winding entrepreneurial journey for over 20 years. We share an acreage together outside of Crossfield, Alberta, Canada along with Erin’s partner Jean and their 3.5 year old Luca. We have 3 cats, 2 dogs, 90 chickens, 18 ducks and happy hearts living on the prairies.

From Jan & Erin...

hello from Trailblazher co founders

All the opportunities and challenges we’ve experienced over the past 20 years have led us and prepared us for what we are showcasing now – our new brand – Trailblazher Co. Trailblazher Co is for and about enterprising, rural women. Under the brand we have: 1) Trailblazher Magazine and 2) The Trailblazher Collective Membership. With Trailblazher Co we hope to inspire rural women, help them grow their businesses and communities, and provide them with an online storefront where people can buy their goods and offerings. It’s an ambitious vision and we are certainly not doing it alone. And that is one of the really powerful things we’ve learned over the years - it takes many hands and minds to do big things. This is our BIG thing and we invite you to join with us and be a part of it.

Where we're at now...

Well - we’re two multi-passionate women who have developed the type of grit, resilience & gutsiness that comes from the ups & downs of entrepreneurship as we build, create and bring new ideas to life. We love what we do and how it impacts the lives and businesses of women who are choosing a rural-based life and business. We consider ourselves creatives as we both share the same kind of mindset that drives us to continue exploring and pushing our ideas out into the world. Together we are skilled in writing, designing, product development, building collaborations and so much more. We love doing things that bring inspiration to others, especially women.

Together we’ve written two books, invented Createbooking (an idea-development tool), created an International Women’s Leadership Program, given keynote talks, facilitated numerous skills and business development events, built client websites… the list goes on.

so who are we?

we're rural
women just like you

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