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Summer Has arrived!

Issue 15
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Inside you'll find the inspiration, know-how, ideas, connections and recipes for a Summer filled with JOY!

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New Episode

An Unexpected Bloom

written by Gemma James-Smith

I’m not sure if I can accurately convey how ill-prepared for rural life I was, but perhaps this sums it up enough: I moved to a farm without a driver’s license or rubber boots. I’d never operated a tractor, collected an egg, or grown anything from seed. I’d left behind my friends, seemingly my career, and my public transit. Though it had all the makings for a classic sitcom trope, I was (surprisingly) taken with this new lifestyle immediately.

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The Simplicity & Science Behind Joy

written by meagan saum

Embracing the simplicity of life encourages us to slow down and be present. In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to get caught up in the hustle and forget to stop and appreciate the now. By finding joy in the simple things, we are reminded of the beauty and richness that life offers beyond material possessions and societal achievements. 

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Lemon Honeycomb Cake

recipe by Miranda Weston

As the anticipation of the growing season looms, gardeners eagerly turn their attention to the foundational practice of seed starting.

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Joy comes in the forms of the still moments between things. Oftentimes I am asked about how someone can achieve joy or happiness in their lives and my answer is usually that it exists all around us. Joy is cultivated, nurtured and a practice of intention. Happiness, the emotion often attached to joy, is temporary, but joy is a state of living. 

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written by Erica Leniczek, M.A. (cand.), B.Ed., B.Sc.

from Issue 15 - summer 2024

Sneak Peeks

We sat down with Heartland leading actor and entrepreneur - Amber Marshall, for a 12 page Trailblazher Exclusive story. We chatted all things life, career, entrepreneurial dreams and Amber's mindset that anchors her to her lifestyle. Not to mention never before seen photos of her own Marshalls Country Store and shots in the backcountry with Cruz, Autumn and Rein.

Grab your copy today! Issue 15 hits the newstands June 1, 2024

Amber Marshall


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