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Join a community of rural and rural-rooted women whose passion flows through their purpose, their businesses and their communitites.

Read their stories, learn new skills, support their businesses  and collab with them!

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winter '23 issue 13

On the cover of winter 2023 is Jackie Barkhouse Saltwater Soul Inspired @ssoulinspired. The Winter 2023 edition of Trailblazher Magazine invites you to embrace the season's introspective vibes as daylight dwindles. With harvests completed and pantries filled, it's a perfect moment for self-reflection. Our diverse contributors delve deep into life's circumstances, touching on topics like grief, burnout recovery, and trauma resilience. Explore the power of intuition, discover valuable lessons from remarkable women of the past, and savor Erin George's delightful "Flapjacks and Flannels" recipes for a leisurely weekend breakfast in your PJs. Additionally, we offer insightful business advice, ingenious fashion ideas, and much more. Prepare to immerse yourself in thought-provoking stories and innovative ideas in this issue.

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the trailblazher podcast

Welcome to The Trailblazher Podcast! Hosted by Jan and Erin Johnson, co-founders of the multi-platform brand Trailblazher Co. and mother and daughter business partner of over two decades. With a deep passion for exploring the stories behind rural women, Jan and Erin peel back the layers into what makes rural women persevere on their paths to becoming Trailblazhers. We’re talking grit, resilience, creativity, resourcefulness & gutsiness! Jan and Erin will deep dive into what shapes their identities, uncovering the unique paths, life changing decisions & turning points that have made them the women they are today – able to bring their businesses, dreams and passions to fruition.

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trailblazher magazine

A quarterly printed coffee table publication showcasing the lifestyles, businesses and wisdom of resilient, gutsy, rural women cross North America. Trailblazher explores rural life, featuring the back stories of rural women and their businesses, recipes, home & garden inspiration, personal development, sustainability, rural fashion and more! 

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business membership

An online space for rural women who are deeply passionate about elevating their business growth and forging strong, supportive connections along the way. Monthly Masterclasses, live brainstorming sessions, personal development, our signature Createbook Process and more! Hosted by Trailblazher Co. founders - Jan and Erin Johnson.

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monthly online events

Live, monthly Masterclasses taught by guest experts on timely business topics from Time Management, Mindset, Marketing etc. You can also catch our Signature Class - "Discover your Trailblazher Superpowers' every 2 months for FREE! 

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Our entrepreneurial journey (which began in 2000) has been a winding one - exploring and testing business ideas and offerings, building websites, creating marketing materials, courses, brands and everything in between. But it wasn't until 2011 that everything 'clicked' into place for us...

In 2011, we held a shared dream close to our hearts - to one day publish a coffee table magazine for gutsy, rural women. In 2020 that dream came true as we launched our first magazine - Trailblazher. Little did we know that this print publication would start a movement and community around supporting and standing by rural women. 
Trailblazher Co. has now grown into an international, multi-platform brand, with one sole purpose: to help rural women get the support, visibility, and recognition they need to get their products, services, and experiences out in front of more people. We want to see enterprising, rural women build the lifestyles and businesses of their dreams guided by the support and resources they need to do it, so they can do it well!
Through Trailblazher™ Co which includes Trailblazher™ magazine and the Trailblazher Business Membership, we have a lot to offer you. We hope you explore it all!

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mother and daughter business partners, Trailblazher™ Co. founders, multi-passionate entrepreneurs

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and 

leave a trail.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson


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