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We are so excited to introduce you to Samantha Callioux, who graces the cover of our fall Trailblazher magazine. This upcoming edition of Trailblazher rounds out our second year of the magazine and you are absolutely going to love what’s inside!

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We created the Trailblazher™ Co brand for enterprising, rural women. Trailblazher™ Co helps women like you get the support, visibly and recognition YOU need to get your products, services, and experiences out in front of a whole lot more people… and fulfill your lifestyle and entrepreneurial dreams while doing it. It’s time for your hard work to pay off as you support your families and keep your rural industries and communities flourishing and strong - and we’re working hard to help you do that! 

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A vibrant collective of like-minded rural women... aka a whole damn family, waiting to welcome you. We're talking resilient, resourceful, gutsy, rural women who are passionate about living their best rural life, growing their businesses beyond their wildest dreams and connecting wholeheartedly with other women like them,

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We believe in the power of storytelling, of being uplifted and feeling courageous when we hear other women’s struggles and successes. We believe in the power of rural women gathering, to lift each other up, to be a part of something so much bigger than themselves. We believe that when you have the right knowledge and resources you can reach your wildest business dreams. That is why we created Trailblazher Co. – a lifestyle and business hub built for Trailblazhers - enterprising, rural women!

Through our community and offerings, you will find inspiration, support, expertise, growth, new friends and a kinship through the values and heart of what it means to be rural.

We proudly celebrate, showcase and bring together all walks of rural life, from ranchers, homesteaders, makers, creatives, women in ag, coaches, farmers, western lifestyle, artists and more!

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Are you a rule-breaker or a rule-follower? Do you choose comfort zones over unknown territory? Take this fun quiz to test your Trailblazher spirit - is it alive and well or are you needing a little fire lit under you?

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1. An unconventional, forward-moving rural woman... one who takes brave steps into the unknown, leading the way with remarkable ideas and offerings, knowing that personal learning and discovery brings her freedom and strength.

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Trailblazher magazine is a quarterly print publication that celebrates and showcases the lifestyles and businesses of resilient, gutsy rural women across North America. Each issue explores rural life, featuring the back stories of rural women and their businesses, recipes, home & garden inspiration, personal development, sustainability, rural fashion and more! Feel inspired and empowered as you immerse yourself in this wholesome, rural way of life. This coffee table publication, with its premium paper and breathtaking photography will have you savouring and collecting every issue.

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For women in ag, ranchers, farmers, western & rural lifestyle, homesteaders, makers, creatives, grounded in rural

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"I highly recommend to any rural women that are in any kind of business, at any level, whether it’s just a thought or years into your biz to join the membership. I personally know that living rurally can feel lonely and isolating. Being part of this membership has gave me a sense of being part of something bigger than myself. The help, the advice, and most importantly the connections that I am building in this membership will be with me for a lifetime. I know from the bottom of my heart that the Trailblazer community will be the leading support community for empowering women in business." 

"The help, the advice, and most importantly the connections that I am building in this membership will be with me for a lifetime."

This could be the biggest step you take in 2022 to catapult your rural business to the next level. We're talking about dynamic, collective brainstorming for YOUR business, industry experts sharing their best tips and wisdom on relevant business topics, live, intimate monthly sessions on taking care of you, your mental wellness, barriers and all those beliefs that are holding you back... and SO MUCH MORE!

Are you ready to be inspired & connected, empowered & equipped to live your best rural life and reach your biggest business goals?

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- Ricky, Trailblazher Collective Member 

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No one could have predicted the sweeping changes we would come to experience in business and the economy two years ago, yet here we are, ready to launch into 2022, and we’ve somehow found our way through it. Grab these four biz trends that will help you, as a rural business, approach 2022 with some new strategies.

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Catch our latest interview on The Rural Woman Podcast as Trailblazher Co. founders, Jan & Erin Johnson chat with trailblazher herself, Katelyn Duban about all things rural women entrepreneurship, what it's like working with family and so much more. 

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