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An Unexpected Bloom with Gemma James-Smith



In this episode of the Trailblazher Podcast, we chat with Gemma James-Smith, with Bayfield Lavender Farm. Gemma grew up in the city and had zero farming experience before moving to rural Ontario in 2017. Her lavender farming adventure began almost by accident when she found an overgrown patch of lavender on her new property. Captivated by its soothing scent, she started making lavender products, which led to the creation of Bayfield Lavender Farm.

We explore her journey from city life to country living, how her business grew, and how this lifestyle change has affected her family’s well-being. Gemma shares her story of starting fresh in the countryside, learning farming from scratch, and the hurdles she encountered. From planting her first garden to growing lavender plants, Gemma tells her tale with honesty and humor. She talks about the importance of resilience, adaptability, and community support. Plus, listeners get a sneak peek at the products and events offered by Bayfield Lavender Farm and how Gemma uses her arts background in her business. Whether you’re dreaming of country living or just love nature, Gemma’s story is both inspiring and insightful.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gemma James-Smith’s transition from city life in Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal to rural Ontario, and how it shaped her personal and professional life.
  • The founding story of Bayfield Lavender Farm and the challenges and triumphs Gemma faced in establishing her business.
  • The therapeutic and community-building aspects of lavender farming and how it contributes to mental health and well-being.
  • Managing multiple roles as a mother, wife, and business owner, and strategies for finding balance and calm amidst a busy life.
  • Future visions for Bayfield Lavender Farm, including year-round events and workshops that blend agriculture with arts.

For more delightful insights into rural living, entrepreneurship, and the calming world of lavender, tune into the full episode and stay connected for more inspiring content from the Trailblazher Podcast!

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Make sure to check out the full episode with Gemma below and if you liked this conversation, make sure to snag a copy of the 2024 Summer Issue of Trailblazher Magazine to see her full article feature.

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June 27, 2024

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