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Part Two: A Trailblazher Exclusive with Amber Marshall


Amber Marshall isn’t just an actress on Heartland; she’s also an entrepreneur and a truly down-to-earth, charismatic soul. In Part Two of this two-hour exclusive on the Trailblazer podcast, she opens up about her work, life balance, and how she stays grounded despite being a celebrity.

Highlights from the Interview with Amber Marshall

  • Amber talks about how important it is for her to be genuine in both her acting and her business ventures.
  • She shares how she balances her busy filming schedule with her love for animals and ranch life, emphasizing the need to prioritize.
  • How she turns to her intuition when the going gets tough and how you can tune into yours to help make important decisions. 
Credit to Chelsie Frere Lumy & Co

Living Her Role in Heartland 

Amber Marshall doesn’t just act like a horse-passionate and authentic character on Heartland – she actually lives that life in her personal life as well. Her store, Marshall’s Country Store, is a true reflection of her style and attitude toward what a home should be. Balancing her acting, store management, and ranch life, Amber embodies authenticity in everything she does. This extends to her store, where she carefully picks vendors who align with her own core values.

Despite her fame, Amber sticks to her rural roots. She shares stories of balancing her acting career with her love for farm life, from funny animal encounters to on-set adventures. This blend of work and lifestyle makes her a relatable role model for fans around the world. Amber doesn’t shy away from the hard work involved in her life. She’s up early to milk cows and handles the logistics of running a store. 

Credit to Chelsie Frere Lumy & Co

The Healing Power of Working with One’s Hands

In an era defined by digital screens and virtual interactions, Amber’s affection for tangible tasks reminds us of the value of manual labor and working with our hands. From renovating properties to nurturing animals, the act of immersing herself in physical work helps ground her in our typically fast-paced world. 

“There’s something therapeutic about that. Some people love being around horses. I love getting hands-on and being able to tackle a project and feeling like I’ve accomplished that.” – Amber Marshall

Marshall’s approach serves as a gentle reminder that hands-on activities are not just tasks to be completed, but opportunities for mental clarity and a return to the fundamental essence of being human.

Nature is a recurring theme in Amber’s life. Whether she’s hand-milking her Jersey cow or enjoying an evening walk, nature grounds her, offering a space for self-reflection and creativity. For Amber, being outdoors is crucial for maintaining peace and integrity in her busy schedule.

a group of four women pose for a photo
Credit to Chelsie Frere Lumy & Co

How Amber Marshall Stays Authentic in the Spotlight

Throughout Amber’s interview, we were continually impressed with how she gracefully manages her various public roles while also staying true to herself. Her groundedness and commitment to authenticity serve as a guide for others looking to blend their professional and personal passions. Amber’s life shows that even with fame, one can live thoughtfully and genuinely – embracing the simplicity of rural life, the challenges of entrepreneurship, and the joy of personal passions.

Amber’s journey not only resonates with her audience on Heartland but also extends to the life she lives off the screen. Between the lines of practicality and passion, groundedness, and the pursuit of fulfillment her story encourages us all to delve deeper into life, discovering solace and strength within our own realities. Amber’s story is a refreshing look at the power of staying true to yourself and your values, no matter where life takes you.

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June 13, 2024

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