4 Ways to Support Rural Women Businesses This Holiday Season




Written by Jan Johnson
Co-founder and Writer with Trailblazher Magazine

The approaching holiday season has many of us pondering how to show our love and appreciation to family and friends. Giving gifts that are meaningful, useful and made with love and care convey our feelings and are met with smiles and hugs. If you are looking for unique gifts this holiday season, you may want to consider supporting the many enterprising rural women who have created beautiful products and offerings, perfect for the people on your list. 

Regardless of the size of your budget, there are many ways you can help support the hard-working women who are living outside of urban centres. Here are some ways to show your interest and enthusiasm for these rural gals…

  1. Show Your Support Online
    When you come across rural women business owners on social media, take a moment to check out what they are offering and show them some love with a comment, like or share. This is such a simple act that requires seconds of your time. If you have purchased products previously from a rural women, now’s the time to write a short post on your blog or social media talking about why you love what you bought and encourage others to try them out as well. Refer, refer, refer! Word of mouth is THE most powerful form of marketing! Spread some good cheer around!

  2. In-Person Markets
    Attend rural Christmas markets and spend some time shopping and getting to know the gals who are showcasing their creative endeavours. Refer your friends to them as well. And find out how to purchase online from them too! 

  3. Rural Gift Collections
    Look for Holiday Gift Guides where you can browse numerous kinds of gifts and goodies from rural women and enjoy shopping at home in your comfy clothes with a cup of coffee and delivery to your door.

  4. Buy Gift Cards
    Who doesn’t love a good gift card? After all, you can choose your own gift! Gift cards make powerful gifts as it’s a great way to introduce your friends to your favourite small business.

When you support rural women entrepreneurs you are supporting families and communities, helping them stay vibrant and relevant in the marketplace. You are making a difference in the rural landscape and it is appreciated!

We’ve made it easy to shop and support rural this holiday season. The 2022 Trailblazher Holiday Gift Guide is filled to the brim with incredible goods and offerings from rural women across North America. Shop for your loved ones AND support a rural woman and her family. TWO WAYS to shop: 1) Every issue of the fall edition of Trailblazher magazine includes a print booklet and 2) Shop the Online Collection on our website here.

November 4, 2022

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