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Old Shed, Gold Shed 

Home + Garden

Using sheds for more than just keeping your lawnmower has become a booming trend, and one that isn’t going away anytime soon. At one time, I too dreamed of someday having a cute little shed to perhaps use as a summer workspace. 

I guess it was fated to be, as when my husband Dan and I moved on to this acreage, there stood a 75+ year old storage shed, tucked away by the woodpile. The only problem was that it was a run down, patched up, leaky roof, windowless, 12’ x 12’ eyesore. It was definitely not what I had been envisioning those years back! 

an old looking shed surrounded by trees.

Our first plan upon settling in was going to be to tear it right down. After all, I was honestly terrified to open the doors. I’d unlatch them and pull one open lightning fast, while jumping backwards, ready for battle should something come at me! 

But after we’d taken some time to think and consider the cost to replace it with a similar new shed of the same size, we decided to see if together we could get creative with a “patch up” structurally, reinforcing design that would hopefully look great too. 

With Dan in the role of handyman helping to refine my design plan, we suddenly found ourselves thinking we might be able to revitalize it enough to maybe even, dare I say, love it a little? 

Only time and sweat would tell! 

So we got right to work.

The first order of business was adding windows. I found them for $25 each on marketplace. They needed paint and caulking. We cut holes in the walls and doors and added them in. 

Shed being updated with a window and new wood on the outside

The next step was to screw in cedar boards to the bottom of the shed to reinforce the aging base, and then I caulked the seam so no more water would seep in. 

Then, cedar was added at the top of the shed as well, to cover all sorts of gaps, holes and spots chewed through by animals. This reinforcement was followed by adding the board and batten detail between the top and bottom wood, which helped to create a cute, fresh but still authentic vibe. 

Next up, the grey metal sheet roof we added over the existing roof cured all the moisture issues, allowing the shed to dry out, which made it possible for me to deep clean the space and patch, sand and prep. 

Finally, it was time for me to make friends with several gallons of paint as I enjoyed many days of painting. This is when all the work and planning  just came together to shine. I was already in love with it all when Dan surprised me with the window boxes, and they were just the icing on the cake. 

With all the little decor details complete, it was safe to say our shed was reimagined! And that’s where the real fun started… we began using it!!

A Shed for All Seasons and a Shed for All Reasons

a dinner table set up with shelves holding pots for planting and the wall painted green

So what can you do with a simple shed space? As it turns out, you can do so much!

When I was creating it, I kept in mind that it wouldn’t just be a storage space for me, it would be an inspiring little getaway in my yard, to work in and play in. So, I designed this space to bridge the gap between function and fun.

Peg boards served the perfect purpose of allowing me to hang and have all my tools in view, (and with a place to be put back), along with acting as a cute display with a farm and garden theme. 

inside of a shed, painting white with a peg board and shelves of gardening tools

A large, deep vintage cabinet that I found on marketplace for $40 became the ideal spot to house all my nursery pots, with large drawers keeping other supplies tucked away and organized. And it also doubles as a serving space!

The dining table I painted white truly opened up all the potential in the space. From potting, to crafting, to cocktails. This table is a workhorse! 

Now, I love to decorate it seasonally, and summer for me is all about the bright and joyful colours you see here!

A woman in a yellow dress sitting on a chair in a shed

But the best part is when I come into this space, I just feel happy. From being a sunny morning coffee spot, to a potting space for all my plants, to sipping cocktails with a couple friends, this potting shed does triple duty!

If you happen to have an old shed, or the perfect spot to put a new one in, I highly recommend letting your imagination go wild. See what sort of wonderful little multi-use space it leads you to! You might be surprised at just how true it is that good things come in small, (and sometimes broken down!) packages!

Photography by: Robyn Chubey

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a white shed with double doors surrounded by trees

May 20, 2024

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