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A Journey Through Life, Motherhood, and Coming Back Home with Amber Kindler



In the modern tapestry of rural living, every thread tells a story of family, work, and the balance in between. What makes the rural lifestyle so beautiful and relatable is that the narrative isn’t just about the picturesque landscapes of ranchland; it’s about the gritty, beautiful reality of what it means to be a mother, entrepreneur, and ranch wife in today’s world. In this episode of the Trailblazher Podcast, we had a conversation with Amber Kindler, whose life so gracefully overlaps these roles, peels back the layers of rural living, revealing how persistence, innovation, and family values shape the modern rural woman.

The Graceful Transition Between Old and New Generations in Ranching and the Western Industry

Rural entrepreneurship is no longer a simple inheritance of tradition; it’s an innovative endeavor demanding contemporary insight and adaptive strategies. As Amber Kindler and her husband transition into ranch ownership, they embody the evolving world of rural business. By leveraging education and technology, they represent a generational shift towards efficiency and work-life harmony that isn’t anchored only by hard work but is also tailored for family well-being.

This shift encompasses not just new ranching methodologies, but a business structure that accounts for the unpredictable nature of the agricultural business. 

As Amber articulates, “You don’t control the markets. You don’t control the weather.” Success as a rural entrepreneur today demands resilience and a forward-thinking attitude, where adapting to the economy and climate is systemic for continuity.

Breaking the Traditional Mold of a Ranch Wife

Gone are the days when traditional gender roles strictly defined the lives of women on ranches. Amber explores the complexity of balancing the roles of motherhood and business ownership while still contributing to the ranch. Learning to prioritize tasks, asking for help, and understanding that perfection is unattainable are pivotal lessons that Amber shares.

Amber tells us, “I remember having a newborn, and I had just started my business, and I had multiple clients, and it was great. And I loved what I was doing, but I was so burnt out.” 

This realization led to finding sustainable rhythms in work and understanding the empowerment in outsourcing tasks and asking for help. Amber models a blueprint for achieving balance, proving that the modern rural woman can wear multiple hats effectively without losing herself in the process.

Coming Full Circle: Reinventing Yourself From the Back of a Horse

Perhaps the most poignant theme presented by Amber Kindler is the sense of ‘coming back home’—not just to a place but to a way of life that feels intrinsically right. Integrating into the ranch’s legacy doesn’t signify stagnation but rather innovation and personal growth. By purchasing part of her family’s ranch and advocating for change, Amber and her husband are constructing a new blueprint for their lives while staying true to their heritage.

This return also represents maturity and resilience developed through the trials of life. The act of ‘getting back in the saddle’ is symbolic, demonstrating both a literal and metaphorical journey that Amber has undergone—a transformation that is at once revitalizing and revelatory.

The Essence of Modern Rural Resilience

What emerges from Amber Kindler’s enlightening discussion is a narrative of endurance and evolution. It is a testament to the contemporary rural woman who forges her path while honoring the lineage of her past. Such individuals do not merely accept the heritage left by their predecessors; they revitalize it, infuse it with new vigor, and ensure its relevance in an ever-changing landscape.

Amber’s journey is similar to many women in rural communities—those who face the cyclical challenges of nature and market with a steadfast heart and an unwavering commitment to their values and dreams. Through her story, we see not only the strength required to navigate such a life but also the profound joy and fulfillment it can bring.

As Amber poignantly summarizes, “Keep showing up, keep fighting for what you know is right and fight for your family.” Her ethos is a beacon for all rural women—a call to embrace the struggle, cherish the triumphs, and always, regardless of the journey, find your way back home.

Make sure to check out the full episode with Amber Kindler below and if you liked this conversation, make sure to snag a copy of the 2024 Spring Issue of Trailblazher Magazine to see Amber’s full article feature.

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March 14, 2024

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