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Limiting Beliefs and How To Break Through Them with Janine Carpenter



In the latest Trailblazher podcast, we had the pleasure of chatting with rural business maven, Janine Carpenter, owner of Petals and Stems, whose heartening story is a beacon of inspiration for aspiring rural entrepreneurs grappling with limiting beliefs. This episode details Janine’s personal and professional growth, illustrating her transition from a job in floristry to cultivating her own successful and fulfilling business. Our discussion touches into the realms of self-discovery, resilience, and entrepreneurial spirit deeply rooted in rural values and the love for her craft.

Janine’s narrative eloquently captures the essence of what it means to push through self-imposed barriers and emerge in pursuit of her passion. Her reflections on the fears she faced starting her own wedding floristry business – especially the fear of judgment and stepping on toes in the floral industry – resonate with many who hold themselves back from reaching their true potential. She speaks candidly about pivotal moments where clarity replaced doubt, and action led to the realization that her abilities and unique offerings were enough. We are confident you will be drawn into a conversation laced with relatable experiences, practical insights, and moments of epiphany that have shaped Janine’s entrepreneurial journey.

Unleashing Potential by Acting Beyond Readiness

One of the most common hurdles for rural entrepreneurs is the belief that they must feel fully prepared before taking the first step. However, Janine’s experience demonstrates that taking action, rather than waiting for readiness, brings clarity and momentum. In this conversation, Janine recalls, 

“I wasn’t like, in the moment, I got this, but I just did it. And I realized I can’t wait till I’m ready because I realized the day was not gonna come.” 

This sentiment is echoed by successful entrepreneurs across different industries, substantiating that waiting for the perfect conditions often means never starting. Taking the leap into business with only a fraction of readiness can ignite a cascade of opportunities. It is through the act of doing that one learns, refines their ideas, and builds the courage to continue. Janine’s progression from uncertainty to running a thriving wedding and workshop business serves as a testament to this truth.

Credit to Rebecca Westman Photography

The Harmony Between Work and Passion

Entrepreneurship does not simply end with the establishment of a business; it’s about continuously aligning one’s work with passion. Janine’s passion for flowers became a medium for her creativity, allowing her to express herself through her unique designs. Her approach to her work goes beyond the aesthetics of floristry, delving into the narrative and personal expression each arrangement holds. She states in this episode, 

“I loved representing people’s style and taste in their wedding work. And I love gathering people together.” 

Janine emphasized that passion led her to find her niche and build a business around it. The importance of finding a medium that resonates on a personal level cannot be overstated. It is this alignment that keeps entrepreneurs like Janine motivated and fulfilled, even throughout the demanding times. When passion becomes the catalyst for one’s business endeavors, the results often extend beyond success to a sense of profound satisfaction and joy.

Challenging Limitations: The Path to Growth

Overcoming limiting beliefs is a journey that many entrepreneurs must travel. For Janine Carpenter, letting go of the fear of judgment and comparison was a significant barrier she overcame. She shared with us that while reflecting on her struggle and comparing her work to another florist’s, she recognized that her value lies in her unique perspective and not in imitation. That was a pivotal moment in her path to growth.

This self-discovery underscores the crucial need for entrepreneurs to challenge their fears and self-imposed limitations to move forward. It involves embracing one’s uniqueness and understanding that each entrepreneur brings something novel to the market. As Janine’s story illustrates, personal and business growth often lie on the other side of fear.

Reflecting on the key points from Janine Carpenter’s entrepreneurial segue, it’s clear that emerging from the stronghold of one’s limiting beliefs is a formidable but worthwhile endeavor. Whether it’s the courage to act despite doubt, the wisdom to intertwine work with passion, or the strength to challenge one’s limitations, these themes speak to the heart of entrepreneurial success. Janine’s narrative is both a blueprint and an inspiration for anyone yearning to transform their whispering dreams into palpable realities.

It serves as a poignant reminder of the power within—to cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit and watch it bloom, much like the very flowers that sparked a calling in Janine all those years ago. With each entrepreneur’s path as diverse as a bouquet, it’s the journey of nurturing one’s vision against the odds that truly defines the essence of entrepreneurship.

Make sure to check out the full episode with Janine Carpenter below and if you liked this conversation, make sure to snag a copy of the 2023 Winter Issue of Trailblazher Magazine to see Janine’s full article feature.

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Connect with Janine Carpenter, Owner of Petals & Stems

January 25, 2024

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