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How We Leverage Our Intuition to Get What We Want with Jan and Erin



In this episode of the Trailblazher Podcast, Jan and Erin are exploring the power of their intuition and sharing stories of how it has aided them in their entrepreneurial journey. In the modern world where logic and data-driven decisions often dominate, they are tapping into an age-old resource: intuition. In a deep dive into the lived experiences of Jan and Erin – the forces behind Trailblazer Co. – we gain insights into how intuitive guidance can shape remarkable outcomes in life and entrepreneurship.

Listening to Your Intuition As a Powerful Creator

Jan and Erin’s conversation emphasizes that humans possess an intrinsic ability known as intuition, defined as “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.” Their shared stories of securing homes and transforming workspaces reveal intuition’s role in drawing opportunities into our lives.

Utilizing intuition begins with cultivating “clarity.” Jan attributes their success to defining exactly what they wanted – a strategy that channeled their intentions into the universe. At this part of the conversation, Jan talks about the time that she was looking for her first place in Calgary and came upon the perfect place after identifying exactly what she was looking for. 

“It was perfect. It was the perfect price. It was the perfect amount of bedrooms. It was perfect,” Jan recalls about finding their new home. 

The mother-daughter duo’s resilience in this creative process involves “focusing” on the feelings and experiences they intend to manifest. Erin emphasizes the importance of pointing out the heightened cognitive connection that comes from physically writing down aspirations and not only writing down what you want but imagining how it would feel to be living in that moment you’re creating. 

The ‘Reticular Activating System’ and Its Role in Manifestation

Discussing the neuroscience behind intuition, Jan introduces the reticular activating system (RAS) – a part of the brain that helps to focus attention. Jan explains how RAS becomes an ally in manifestation: “It alerts you to things that align with it.” Erin’s story of finding their current home demonstrates this interplay, where her awareness, prompted by RAS, led her to notice an out-of-place ad that became their dream home.

The impact of such synchronicity extends to the broader facets of life, suggesting that opening oneself to intuition can lead to a more aligned and fulfilling existence. When you unlock this skill, you not only discover opportunities that may have otherwise gone unnoticed, but you also join a flow of events to support your goals. Many times throughout this interview, you will hear Jan and Erin say that intuition is available to everyone and there are things happening around you all the time. It really comes down to the question of whether you are going to tap into that or let it go on by.

Intuition in Action: Moving Forward with Inspired Steps

Erin points to another essential factor in harnessing intuition – “action.” Following their instincts for both personal and professional spaces required them to venture out, physically seeking the physical form of their written desires. Just like the thrill of releasing pent-up energy in a confined space, taking action moves the energy of creation forward, materializing thoughts into reality.

Jan and Erin’s experiences underscore the importance of proactive steps. “Nothing happens in a static state,” Jan cautions, emphasizing the importance of movement to welcome new life phases or business ventures.

In unraveling Jan and Erin’s intertwined journeys of motherhood, entrepreneurship, and creative visualization, we’ve seen their strategy emerge. Their approach underlines intuition not just as a mystical instinct but as a cultivated skillset involving cognition, emotional intelligence, and active participation. It’s about listening to internal cues while applying structured efforts to advance toward desired outcomes. For companies or individuals chasing dreams big or small, embracing intuition could be the missing link to next-level success. With clarity, a focused vision, actionable steps, and gratitude, for the unfolding synchronicities, we’re not just existing – we’re creating lives and business legacies that resonate deeply with our most authentic selves.

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March 7, 2024

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