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If Your Body Could Talk – What Would it Say? with Amy Soudek



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In this poignant and vulnerable conversation with Amy Soudek, we begin to unravel the complex interconnectedness of our relationship with food, body image, and self-worth. This enlightening discussion emphasizes the need for mindfulness and sustainable practices in our daily eating habits and dives deeper into the key themes that shape our winding journey toward self-acceptance and empowerment. In this conversation, the topic of disordered eating is brought up on several occasions, if this is sensitive for you, please proceed delicately. 

Key Takeaways with Amy Soudek

  • The Power of Vulnerability: Opening up about our struggles is a courageous step toward healing and building a supportive community.
  • Food As Connection: Understanding the profound impact of our food relationship on our well-being is crucial for personal growth and overall health.
  • How Creativity Heals: Embracing creativity encourages a positive and joyful approach to food, eating, and inner healing. 

Resilience Begins with Self-Acceptance

Unearthing the intricate connection between self-worth and our relationship with food, Amy Soudek highlights her battles with various eating disorders and the powerful question that often lurked within: “Am I worthy?” Through self-reflective practices, such as standing in front of a mirror and affirming one’s beauty and self-worth, to the patience of unraveling childhood emotional storage in the gut, Amy emphasizes the importance of inner work. 

She explains, “We store memories in our gut. Our emotional letdowns and trauma… Our expressions of the world around us and interpretations of how we are being loved since we are little, are held in our guts.”

Delving deeper, the conversation sheds light on the role of familial influence on our food relationship. Not shying away from the discomfort, you will hear my thoughts and feelings from my perception of self-worth. Then the following dialogue between myself and Jan is a moving testament to the need for open discussion and mutual support in healing intergenerational patterns.

Rebuilding Our Relationship with Food

The intricate link between food and physiology is a central piece of the narrative. Amy points out the profound implications of our eating environment on nutrient absorption. “If your body is in a heightened state of fight and flight all the time,” she says, “you could be eating all the healthy foods in the world, but you’re not going to be absorbing the nutrients from that.” 

This underscores the need for a more holistic approach to managing disordered eating—one that balances both psychological interventions with nutritional ones.

Furthermore, Amy touches on the power of forgiveness in facilitating physical well-being. 

“Forgiving is an act of self-love,” she reveals, casting light on forgiveness as a catalyst for unshackling not only our minds but also our physiological processes.

Alicia Ross Photo

Using Creativity to Heal the Inner-Workings of Self

This topic was a delightful discovery for us as Amy discussed creativity as a marker of a healthy food relationship, asserting that creativity in any capacity leads to healing of all kinds. 

“Creativity unleashed a powerful connection that was rooted in ownership and motivation for my body,” she reflects. This sentiment is a call to embrace the joy of preparing food as a path to nurturing our bodies and spirits alike.

Beyond physical nourishment, Amy encourages seeking out joy and creativity in mundane activities and finding peace in mindfulness, prayer, and passions that ignite our spirits. It’s about relearning to embrace our bodies for their capabilities, rather than denigrating them for their imperfections.

Embracing the Journey to Wholeness

Wrapping up the insights from this transformative conversation, there’s a palpable encouragement for listeners to prioritize their food relationship. The underlying message is one of belonging, self-compassion, and a return to joy. Amy’s parting words resonate with conviction, “If your food relationship is the emotional eater…you won’t be able to have the impact that you could have…prioritize food relationship. It’s not something little, it is actually very huge, a very big deal.”

The dialogue between Amy, Jan, and Erin is a testament to the healing power of shared experiences. By exposing their vulnerabilities, they offer solace and solidarity to those on similar paths. It’s a poignant reminder that the journey to self-acceptance and a healthier relationship with food is both profoundly personal and universally resonant.

Make sure to check out the full episode with Amy Soudek below and if you liked this conversation, make sure to snag a copy of the 2024 Spring Issue of Trailblazher Magazine to see Amy’s full article feature.

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March 28, 2024

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