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5 Ways We’ve Each Grown as Women Through Entrepreneurship with Jan and Erin



5 Ways Being an Entrepreneur Has Changed Us

Being an entrepreneur is a transformative journey that shapes not only our professional lives but also our personal growth. In this episode of the Trailblazher podcast, we will explore five significant ways that entrepreneurship has changed each of us, as women. We will delve into the themes of confidence, creativity, empathy, money, building an acute awareness of time and so much more in this episode. These themes highlight the profound impact that entrepreneurship has had on our lives and the lessons we have learned along the way. 

Confidence: Belief in Ourselves

The first item on both of our lists is confidence in ourselves and our decisions. Entrepreneurship has instilled in us a deep sense of self-belief and confidence. Through the trials and tribulations of running a business, we have learned to trust our instincts and make decisions with conviction. This inner confidence has empowered us to navigate challenges and setbacks, knowing that we have the resilience and capability to overcome them. It has also enabled us to balance multiple roles as mothers, partners, and business owners, without compromising our self-assurance.

Creativity: Strengthening Our Creative Abilities

“Creativity is a muscle that if it’s used over and over again, gets stronger.” – Jan

Jan’s second item on her list is creativity. For her, entrepreneurship has been a catalyst for the growth of her creative abilities. We both agree though that the constant need to innovate and problem-solve has honed our creative thinking skills. We have learned to connect ideas, think intuitively, and bring our visions to life. This creative muscle has become a valuable resource that we can rely on to navigate the ever-changing landscape of entrepreneurship. It has also allowed us to find unique solutions to business challenges and foster a sense of excitement and fulfillment in our work.

Being Present: Holding Space For Ourselves and Others

“Entrepreneurship has made me a more empathetic person… to be present and know that somebody’s reaction may have nothing to do with me.” – Jan

Coming in the number three spot for Jan is empathy and being present for herself and others. Through our business journey, we have learned to separate ourselves from the actions and responses of others. We have developed the ability to suspend judgment and be fully present, understanding that someone’s reaction is often a reflection of their own experiences and not a personal attack. This empathy has allowed us to cultivate stronger relationships, both personally and professionally, and create a supportive and compassionate environment for those around us.

Money: Building a Healthy Relationship with Money

“Entrepreneurship has helped me grow tremendously in forging a healthy relationship with money.” – Erin

My point for number three is money! My journey with entrepreneurship has transformed not only mine but both of our relationships with money. It has taught us the importance of financial stability and the value of creating wealth. We have learned to view money as a tool for growth and impact, rather than a source of stress or limitation. This shift in mindset has allowed us to set ambitious financial goals and work towards creating a legacy for future generations. It has also given us the freedom to make choices that align with our values and purpose, without being constrained by financial constraints.

Acute Awareness of Time: Embracing the Present Moment

Item number four on my list is a heightened awareness of time. I have come to realize that life is composed of precious moments that should be cherished and appreciated. This acute awareness has driven us to be fully present in each moment, whether it be in our personal or professional lives. It has instilled in us a sense of urgency to pursue our goals and dreams, knowing that tomorrow is not guaranteed. This awareness has also fueled our desire to create a meaningful and impactful legacy that will endure beyond our time.

These are just a few of the items on each of our lists, make sure to tune into the full episode to catch the rest! 

Entrepreneurship has profoundly shaped our lives as women, empowering us to grow and evolve in various ways. Through the themes of confidence, creativity, empathy, money, and the acute awareness of time, we have learned valuable lessons that have transformed our mindset and approach to life. As we continue on our entrepreneurial journey, we are committed to further developing ourselves, embracing new challenges, and making a positive impact in the world. We invite you to reflect on your entrepreneurial journey and the ways it has changed you. Make sure to join us on Instagram to leave your own thoughts and reflections on this episode and leave a review if this episode spoke to you. 

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December 14, 2023

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