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LISTEN TO MORE EPISODES OF THE TRAILBLAZHER PODCAST In today’s episode, we are going to take an inside look at the makings of a modern homestead, and a savvy business that serves a growing need for those wanting to learn how to live a homemade life. We’re talking today with Kate Schat of Venison for […]

Living a Homemade Life with Kate Schat from Venison for Dinner

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LISTEN TO MORE EPISODES OF THE TRAILBLAZHER PODCAST Who was mastering the art of sourdough before sourdough was even trending? The answer is Ash Turner of Turner Farm. In this week’s podcast episode, we had the complete honor of chatting with her about her story, her family, sourdough, divine timing and so much more. Ash […]

Timing is Everything: Embracing the Unknown with Ash Turner

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This week on the Trailblazher Podcast, we are diving in deep about burnout, boundaries, and self-care with Lewellyn Melnyck. Lewellyn was featured in our Fall 2023 Issue of the magazine and today, we are taking a closer look at her article, Reclaiming Yourself. In this conversation, we are going to look at all the things that women do, how we feel about it, our timing, our productivity, and sometimes just our tiredness.

Reclaiming Yourself with Lewellyn Melnyk: Choosing Yourself When Life Gets Hard

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