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How Two Spitfire, Millennial Sisters – Stephanie and Hayley Painter are Modernizing the American Dairy Space



Credit to Tracy Parker
Tracy Parker Films and Photo

Join us in this inspiring episode featuring Stephanie and Hayley Painter, the sisters and souls behind Painterland Sisters, an organic skyr yogurt brand dedicated to connecting consumers with where their food comes from. Discover how these fourth-generation farmers turned their family’s dairy crisis into an innovative venture by bridging the gap between agriculture and modern-day consumers. With their authentic, nutrient-rich yogurt now available in over 2200 locations across all 50 states, the Painterland Sisters are on a mission to sustain American farming through regenerative dairy practices.

In this conversation, we dive deep into the Painterland Sisters’ journey, from their humble beginnings on a Northern Pennsylvania dairy farm to their innovative response to market instability. Learn how their skyr yogurt distinguishes itself in quality and nutritional value and why it has gained a national footprint. The sisters also highlight the importance of branding, community engagement, and maintaining family-centric values in business. This conversation is filled with valuable insights on overcoming business challenges, the grit required for entrepreneurship, and the future of sustainable agriculture.

Key Takeaways

  • Entrepreneurial Innovation: How the Painter Sisters transitioned from a family dairy farm to a national yogurt brand.
  • Product Uniqueness: The benefits of skyr yogurt, including high protein content and lactose-free offerings, crafted from premium organic milk.
  • Community and Impact: The role of community events and on-farm experiences in promoting their brand and fostering consumer connections.
  • Family Dynamics in Business: Insights into managing business relations within a family setup and maintaining work-life balance.
  • Sustainability and Regeneration: Their commitment to regenerative farming practices for a healthier planet and sustainable future.

About the Painter Sisters

Stephanie and Hayley Painter are the dynamic duo behind Painterland Sisters, a woman-owned, family-owned, and farmer-owned organic skyr yogurt brand. Hailing from a fourth-generation dairy farm in Northern Pennsylvania, the sisters combine their passion for farming with their business acumen to create a premium, nutrient-dense yogurt. Their innovative approach and commitment to sustainability have landed them in prestigious platforms, including Forbes 30 Under 30.

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June 6, 2024

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