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Part One: Exclusive Interview with Amber Marshall


Welcome to part one of this two-hour exclusive interview with Amber Marshall, known for her role as Amy Fleming on the popular TV series Heartland. We sat down to chat about Amber’s journey of making it on the show, Heartland’s unique impact on viewers, and how Amber balances her personal life with her life as an actor. She also reflects on the close-knit cast and crew of the show and the sense of family they have developed over the years. The conversation delves into the healing aspects of the show and the positive influence it has had on viewer’s lives. Amber’s grounded and authentic nature shines through as she discusses her approach to life and the importance of staying true to oneself.


Amber Marshall // Heartland Actress #3
Credit to Chelsie Frere Lumy & Co

Key Takeaways in This Episode with Amber Marshall

  • How Heartland gives its viewers a cozy escape and break from every day worries.
  • Amber Marshall’s role as Amy Fleming on Heartland has made her a role model for many, and she takes pride in being a positive influence on viewers.
  • Amber’s love for horses and a cting has been seamlessly combined in her role on Heartland, allowing her to live out her passions on and off-screen.
  • The close-knit cast and crew of Heartland have become like a family, creating a supportive and welcoming environment on set.
  • Heartland’s healing and uplifting nature have touched the lives of many viewers, providing a sense of comfort and inspiration in their own journeys.

Heartland, the Canadian-based TV series has won over fans worldwide with its heartwarming stories and characters you can really relate to. Amber Marshall, who plays Amy Fleming, has been part of the show for 17 years, and in this conversation, she shared her thoughts about Heartland and how it’s impacted her life. 

Heartland Through the Eyes of Amber Marshall

The beginning of this conversation has us chatting about how Amber views Heartland compared to other day modern TV series. She states, “Heartland is like sitting down on a nice couch with your best friend, sharing a cup of tea, and feeling all the tension and stress melt away.” 

Heartland serves as a small escape from daily stressors and gives its listeners a sense of comfort which is what makes the show so special to so many people around the globe.

One of the things that really makes Heartland stand out is its depiction of simple, wholesome values. In our fast-paced world, it’s a reminder to slow down and reconnect with nature. The horses in the show play a big part in this—they bring a sense of peace and calm that Amber describes as being “a sense of release” to the viewers.

Amber’s journey with Heartland has been quite the ride. She never thought she’d be an actor, but her love for horses and acting led her to the role of Amy Fleming. Heartland has been a huge part of her life and has played a hand in shaping her into the person she is today. She’s grateful for a career that has allowed her to blend her passions and she acknowledges how much she’s grown because of it.

Amber Marshall // Heartland Actress #2
Credit to Chelsie Frere Lumy & Co

The Cast of Heartland: What You See is What you Get

Another admirable quality about Heartland is how it shows the importance of family and relationships. While horses play a large role in the show, the show also highlights the bonds between the characters and the support they offer each other throughout each episode. Amber talks about the cast and crew like they’re her second family, both on and off the set. This genuine camaraderie is just another reason why the show resonates with so many people.

Amber shared that from the very beginning, being on set “just felt right”. There were no big egos—just a team united by a shared goal of creating something wonderful. This unity has stayed strong over the years, with everyone supporting each other and appreciating each other’s strengths.

This sense of family extends to the fans as well. Heartland has a dedicated fan base spanning generations. People from all walks of life find comfort and inspiration in the show. Make sure to catch the end of this episode where Jan shares some fan feedback on how Heartland has touched their individual lives. 

How Amber Marshall Lives Like a Horse by Embracing Groundedness and Authenticity

Throughout this conversation with Amber, you can’t help but notice how grounded and present she is. While prepping for this interview, we had the revelation that she lives like a horse—in the best ways possible—like it is her internal operating system – being aware of the energy around her, living in the moment, and not holding onto grudges. These traits mirror how she lives her life.

Amber believes that the world around us has much more to offer if we just take the time to be present and aware of what’s around us. She appreciates the natural world and the lessons it offers. And it is that authenticity and groundedness that shines through in everything she does, making her a role model for many around the globe.

In today’s chaotic world, Amber’s approach to life is a refreshing reminder of the importance of being true to ourselves and finding peace in nature. She embodies what makes Heartland so special and relatable, and her presence on the show has touched viewers around the world.

Amber Marshall // Heartland Actress #1
Credit to Chelsie Frere Lumy & Co

Exploring the Healing Power of Heartland

Amber Marshall’s time with Heartland has been transformative, both personally and professionally. The show’s focus on wholesome values, family dynamics, and the calming influence of horses has struck a chord with fans everywhere. 

Heartland isn’t just a TV show; it’s a source of healing and connection for people of all ages and from all walks of life. You don’t have to own horses to appreciate the healing nature that comes with enjoying the storyline of the show. As Amber continues her journey with Heartland, she reminds us to find solace in simple moments, stay true to ourselves, and cherish our connections with others.

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May 30, 2024

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