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Do You Know If Your Website is Converting Visitors into Buyers?


Written by Jan Johnson
Co-Founder of Trailblazher Co.

Photos by Chelsie Graham
Lumy + Co Photography

You have approximately 5 seconds to grab people’s attention before they click off your website. Geez – talk about pressure to perform! A few years ago, having a website was a nice thing to have… today it is absolutely essential. And not just any website. Your website needs to have some key elements to convert visitors into leads or buyers. 

Here’s an eye-opening stat for you – 96% of people who visit your website are there to browse only. They aren’t yet ready to pull out their credit cards or click their paypal accounts to make a purchase from you. The majority of browsers leave your website in less than 30 seconds if you haven’t grabbed their attention, and they may be gone for good. Yikes!  

So how do you ensure you have a high converting website? One that converts your website visitors into qualified leads and paying customers. How do you get your website SEO (search engine optimized) friendly, with highly targeted content, keywords and lead capturing elements.

One of the first things you need to recognize is this – your website isn’t just a platform to publish information about your business, the people, the products and services. Designed correctly, a high converting website will optimise conversions through targeted content, images and CTAs (call to actions) by turning your website visitors into qualified leads or enquiries that you can turn into paying customers.

There are many elements that contribute to a high converting website such as strong call to actions, a clear layout, and an intuitive design. When someone first lands on your homepage, it should be clear what you do. If your website is confusing, overloaded with too much information, you will need to redesign it. 

Here are some 5 key elements to a great website… 

1)     You will need a clear heading on your website homepage so that visitors can understand what your products, services and experiences are.

2)     If you sell products or services through your website, then you must have dedicated conversion-optimized landing pages. You will need one for each of your products or services. 

3)     The language on your website pages must be familiar and resonate with your target audience – use words and phrases they would recognize and understand.

4)     You must present an attractive offer, which helps convert website visitors into warm leads. Examples are… a) a free consultation or quote, b) detailed report, c) a discount on your products or services, d) a free download such as a check list, free mini course, ebook.

5)     A clear ‘call to action’ CTA is a necessary feature on your landing page. It must be specific and actionable such as – watch this video | register for this workshop | subscribe to this newsletter | book your tour now.

These aren’t the only elements necessary to increase conversions on your website. There are many others. At a minimum, a high converting website needs a good landing page, an attractive offer, clear headings, language that speaks directly to your audience and call to actions. You may not know how to do these things well, so it’s important to get outside eyes on your website and ask for help. I hope you do! There are people who want and need what you are selling!

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November 8, 2022

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