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9 Signs of Spring: Rural Reflections

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As the snow melts and the days get longer, we start to see the signs of spring that we’ve all been waiting for. Our readers of Trailblazher magazine have been sharing all the little things that tell them that spring is here in our Rural Reflections series. Kimberly Ann describes the smell of the rain on the soil, and Morgan looks forward to the family tradition of branding on the Ranch in May. Each story is a small piece of the bigger picture of spring coming to life within our rural lifestlye.

Spring shows up in simple ways too. You see it when the first green leaves pop out on trees, and when you can go outside without bundling up 20 layers! It’s there when you hear the birds sing early in the morning, and when the first flowers start to poke up through the ground. The air feels a bit softer, and the sky seems a bit bluer. These are the signs of spring that we all know and love, bringing a sense of new beginnings and fresh starts.

Our Reader’s Signs of Spring

A minimalist graphic with a taupe background featuring text that reads "the first signs of spring" at the top. A quote by Kimberly Ann is centered on the page, reflecting on the delicate balance of nature and the first scent of petrichor signaling the start of the growing season. At the bottom, the word "trailblaz.her" is defined as a noun.

“When Mother Nature mediates a truce with the relentless southern Chinook wind, eventually giving way for the east to gently bring forth the anticipation of abundant growing seasons with the first initial scent of petrichor.”
– Kimberly Anne @kimberlygaehring

This image features a quote by Kathryn on an olive background, with a poetic description of the changing seasons as life shows itself in colors. It's part of a series titled "the first signs of spring," with the term "trailblaz.her" defined as a noun at the bottom.

“Sliding off the monochromatic scale, life quietly reveals itself in blossoming colours. Feathered friends tend to nest while the ground begins to soften. Our breath is invisible as evening light paints the farm.”
– Kathryn @raspberryontheprairie

The image has a quote by Erin celebrating lilac blossoms and the return of migratory birds in spring, set on a dusky pink background. The series title "the first signs of spring" is at the top, and "trailblaz.her" is described as a noun at the bottom.

“Spring is the lilac blossoms blooming and heralding the migrating birds return. Together they bring hope, warmth and excitement of the long prairie days to come.”
– Erin @green.witch.seed.co

On a light brown background, Jocelyne's quote describes the emergence of garlic in her garden as a sign of spring. The recurring series title "the first signs of spring" is placed at the top, and the term "trailblaz.her" is defined as a noun at the bottom.

“When the blanket of snow sheltering my garden has all but melted, and the green tips of the garlic I planted in the fall are peeping out from under the covers.”
– Jocelyne @luvabeezwraps

This image presents a quote by Morgan discussing the end of winter in Alberta, marked by family branding in May. The series title "the first signs of spring" is at the top, and "trailblaz.her" is noted as a noun at the bottom, all on a muted blue background.

“Living in Alberta, winter can last for the first few months of spring. My favourite first sign is my family’s branding. It’s the first weekend in May. The cows have finished calving, the hard work has paid off, and it’s time for fun.”
– Morgan @a_hunters_girlfriend

A warm gray background sets the stage for a reflective quote by Laurel on the intangible feelings that signal spring's arrival. The phrase "the first signs of spring" is at the top, and the concept "trailblaz.her" is defined as a noun at the bottom.

“It’s not tangible, but a feeling. The inspiration of emerging life recovering from a season of darkness. Like roots that held firmly, we too will thrive when the sun returns. Spring brings renewal and hope.”
– Laurel @ysebaertacres

The graphic displays a quote by Michelle against a terracotta background, describing her favorite sign of spring heard in the boreal forest. The image is part of a series titled "the first signs of spring," with the term "trailblaz.her" featured as a noun at the bottom.

“My favourite first sign of spring is when I can hear the sound of drumming grouse coming through the boreal forest while on my morning walks to do my farm chores.”
– Michelle @whiskeycreekranch

This image features a quote by Ashley on a sage green background. It discusses the warm winds and budding trees of spring, as well as the water streams created by melting snow. The series title "the first signs of spring" is at the top, and the word "trailblaz.her" appears at the bottom, identified as a noun.

“Warm winds, budding trees, the smell of dirt breathing again, and the streams of water running away from snow.”
– Ashley @slightlyfermentedkitchen

A graphic with a muted rose background displaying the text "the first signs of spring" at the top. Below is a quote by Raeanne celebrating the sensory awakening of spring with the sights and sounds of nature. The term "trailblaz.her" is labeled as a noun at the bottom.

“When all your senses come alive. The redwinged blackbirds singing from the bulrushes, the earthy aroma from the thawing soil, and the gentle warmth of the morning sun.”
– Raeanne @thelocalproject_

Photographer Cover Photo Credit: Ash Nayler

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