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Passion. Love for people and business. Idea junkies. Tremendous work ethic. Feeling of family. Heart and goal driven.

The team at Trailblazher Co. is one built of gold.

We work hard. We thrive on possibility. We're obsessed with shedding light on rural.

Co-founder Jan Johnson is one of the main think tanks of Trailblazher Co. Her jam is content writing and ideas. Whether writing feature stories for Trailblazher magazine, web content or upcoming course materials, Jan is gifted with a pen! She is naturally skilled at connecting ideas in ways that influence the direction of the company. Jan is also a gifted people person and insightful communicator striving always to acknowledge and draw out the unique and highlight what makes people special (shaped by her 30 years as a lifeskills coach). Jan is fueled by exploring what is possible and bridging ideas into tangible, relevant offerings that set the business apart in this everchanging economy.

Jan Johnson

trailblazher co. co founder


Jan is the CONNECTOR on the team.

Co-founder Erin Johnson is the main conceptual designer of Trailblazher Co. Her passion lies in digital and print design and marketing. And showing the behind-the-scenes on social. She can be found spending most of her time at the keyboard creating a new company website, designing the next issue of Trailblazher magazine or brand graphics for Trailblazher Co. Erin brings the synergy to the team with her team spirit and ambitious goal markers for the next growth stage of the company. Apart from her role in the company, she juggles being a work-from-home mom, and caring for 80+ chickens and ducks, some days she manages better than others. Erin thrives on possibility, on pushing the envelope and creating something that’s never been done before. 

Erin Johnson


trailblazher co. co founder

Erin is the INNOVATOR on the team. 

If you’ve ever reached out to connect with the team at Trailblazher Co., chances are you’ve been met with a friendly welcome from our Trailblazher magazine Project Manager – Kim Drake. Kim’s natural aptitude for intuitively gauging the needs and requests within, and outside of the Trailblazher Co. business and community is her special sauce! We call her ‘the glue’ that holds the magazine together. Kim is the calm in the storm of a fast growing company. 

Kim Drake

our right-hand woman

Trailblazher Magazine PROJECT MANAGER

Kim is the HARMONIZER on the team. 

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