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And we're so glad you did! We're Jan & Erin - the mother and daughter duo behind the multi-platform brand - Trailblazher Co. We carved out this landing page, exclusively for you - so consider this our private hang out.

 Under our brand Trailblazher Co. we have premium resources, platforms and opportunities for you as a rural woman entreprenuer. The fact is we don't want you to miss out on any of them so check back here often. Now go exploring

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what do we consider 'rural'?

Generally if you live in a community of around 10,000 people or less, or in the country. This is not a hard and fast rule, we understand there are exceptions.

coming in 2024!

we're launching a directory just for you! 

It will be a gorgeous, interactive online directory empowering you to find, connect and support other rural women in your area PLUS giving urban populations an instant way to find your business. 

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Trailblazher is in it's own class! Exploring the stories, wisdom and know-how of modern, rural women LIKE YOU. It is a quarterly magazine full, exclusively of wisdom, stories, lifestyles, recipes and DIY's from rural women, but enjoyed by any woman looking to cultivate the Trailblazher within.

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We are VERY excited to be launching a marketplace that will house curated products from rural women across North America. This will provide a world class shopping experience, from multiple vendors - all in one checkout. Launching in 2024.


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Conversations to help you cultivate the Trailblazher in you - join hosts, Jan and Erin Johnson as they deep dive into the mindsets, stories and perspectives of rural women, all while offering insights into their own 23 year journey of entrepreneurship as a mother and daughter team. 

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