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Are you a Trailblazher? Find out what’s possible for you with Jan and Erin



Deep within each of us lies the spirit of a Trailblazher — a spark that drives us to innovate, explore, and redefine the boundaries of our lives. In an era that thrives on change and ingenuity, understanding and nurturing our internal Trailblazher traits can lead to a life rich with purpose and passion. Jan and Erin, from Trailblazher Co., delve into the essence of what it means to be a Trailblazher in today’s world and provide invaluable insights on how we can channel our inherent strengths to create impactful and fulfilling paths.

Redefining the Trailblazher Archetype

The term ‘trailblazher’ conjures up images of pioneers forging paths into uncharted territories. Today, however, Trailblazhers are not just literal pathfinders but symbols of innovation and change in every aspect of life. As Jan puts it, “In today’s world, a Trailblazher is a woman who is doing something unique, new, or innovative with her own spin, style, or brand, as she makes a difference and adds value to others without sacrificing herself.” These Trailblazhers — whether they are entrepreneurs, creators, or activists — share a common set of values that drive their actions and decisions.

According to Jan and Erin, a Trailblazher’s life is imbued with unpredictability, new opportunities, and a fondness for the unconventional. “She is wired to move forward into the unknown,” Jan states. This shift in definition opens up the idea of being a Trailblazher to anyone willing to stand out and make a difference while staying true to their values — a theme that is resonant and inspiring for many seeking direction and meaning in their work and personal lives.

The Importance of Self-Awareness 

Central to the Trailblazher’s ethos is the concept of self-awareness. “Self-awareness is the most important aspect of being a Trailblazher,” says Jan. Erin concurs, focusing on the need to explore parts of us that are resilient and passionate. The duo emphasizes the importance of understanding one’s inherent traits. It’s this very self-awareness that enables individuals to align their lives and careers with what truly resonates with them.

The unveiling of the Trailblazher Traits Quiz is a direct reflection of Jan and Erin’s commitment to fostering self-awareness. They believe that everyone possesses the traits necessary for trailblazing but may need help pinpointing them. “We’ve got the internet, we’ve got technology, online stores, social media, et cetera,” Jan comments, signifying the vast opportunities available today for the self-aware individual to create an impactful journey.

Harnessing Your Trailblazher Traits

Trailblazhers are multifaceted and possess varied strengths; their powers lie in knowing which traits compliment their personalities. Jan and Erin identify six Trailblazher traits — Dreamer, Believer, Doer, Maker, Collaborator, and Influencer. Each of these plays a significant role in how individuals might approach life and work. Dreamers are visionaries, believers hold deep knowledge, doers are focused on getting things done, makers innovate creatively, collaborators bring people together, and influencers share wisdom.

The reveal of these traits and the accompanying quiz promise to provide women with a clearer understanding of their characteristics: “We’ve created an easy-to-use roadmap because of it,” Erin acknowledges, recognizing the quiz as the starting point to adventure into this deep, self-exploration journey. The interplay of these traits in one’s professional and personal life can lead to paths previously unimagined and provide fresh perspectives on how to contribute meaningfully to the world.

In our enthusiastic quest to uncover and harness our Trailblazher traits, let’s reflect on Jan and Erin’s spirited discussion. They lay out a captivating vision of what it means to be a Trailblazher today, providing tools and insights for every woman to unearth her unique strengths and passions. With a blend of time-honored wisdom and modern ingenuity, they challenge us to think beyond the confines of convention and to blaze our own trails with resilience, creativity, and purposeful intent. Whether we’re prompted by a call to action or reflective contemplation, tapping into our Trailblazher traits paves the way for a life of unbounded possibilities and intentional living.

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February 8, 2024

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