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Bridging Hope: Cait Luca’s Horse Rescue and her Mission of Saving One Equine Life at a Time



The bond between humans and horses is as storied as it is sacred, a testament to shared histories and profound connections. For Cait Luca of Lucky Break Horse Rescue, this bond is situated at the core of an inspiring journey from a first-generation horse girl to a trailblazing entrepreneur and rural advocate. Her mission? To rescue horses from slaughter and leverage their transformative power to ignite change. The latest episode of the Trailblazher podcast offers a profound glance into Luca’s world, where passion and entrepreneurship intersect with rural advocacy and animal welfare.

A Legacy of Compassion: The Roots of Lucky Break Horse Rescue

The notion that horses are companions rather than commodities sets the stage for Cait Luca’s foundation at Lucky Break Horse Rescue. Luca’s heritage of resilience and entrepreneurial spirit, from her great-grandmother born in a covered wagon to a grandfather who cut ice with a draft team, illuminates her unyielding commitment to the well-being of equines.

“I owe these horses everything,” Cait asserts, emphasizing the profound impact horses have made on her life, and now she’s dedicated to affording other horses the same opportunities to touch lives. 

Formerly cherished pets or trained racehorses now facing slaughter in Mexico, these animals possess histories deserving recognition and respect. Luca’s goal extends beyond individual rescues to foster a movement that reshapes societal views on animal treatment.

The implications of this heritage-imbued mission go beyond the mere act of rescuing. Luca propels conversations around animal welfare, rural advocacy, and the need for a cultural shift toward valuing longevity over expandability.

The Nuances of Nonprofit Work

One of the most profound insights Luca shares is the misconception that transitioning to a nonprofit status automatically opens floodgates of donations. The stark reality is that attaining this status is just the beginning of a relentless hustle for charitable giving. Luca’s approach highlights the importance of inventive fundraising strategies, from raffles to social media collaborations, each contribution funneled right back into the non-profit.

“Growth has been slower than I would like,” Luca admits, acknowledging the hard truth about fundraising in a competitive landscape. Still, her tenacious leveraging of every available platform, like savvy use of online auctions, underscores the innovative spirit needed to sustain a cause-driven enterprise.

Luca’s narrative extends a compelling call to action for potential rural women entrepreneurs, demonstrating the scope of impact achievable with determination and a clear vision.

This narrative does more than outline the prerequisites for successful nonprofit management. It subliminally signals the necessity for strategic resilience and the need for collective support in building successful ventures, particularly in rural landscapes.

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The Echo of Change: From Rescue to Nationwide Advocacy

The ripple effect of Cait Luca’s impact on equine welfare is significant. The notion that the rescue of a single horse can kindle nationwide advocacy is a testament to the power of story and connection. 

Luca’s mention of the different lives horses go on to touch after graduating from Lucky Break Ranch (“from therapy programs for veterans to grief counseling…”) etches a poignant picture of their broader societal contributions.

“It’s about growing a movement and educating other people,” she explains, demonstrating the multifaceted influence of equine rescue that stretches into various mental health and veteran healing programs. Luca’s efforts in shaping a more compassionate future underscore the broader potential impacts of equine awareness and advocacy. This sentiment pivots into an inspirational message for women in all sectors to harness their power to evoke change, whether through policy influence or personal business ventures.

The final thoughts leave us embracing Luca’s vision of a future where the value of every living creature is acknowledged, and the past is honored as a springboard for innovation and change. They challenge us to ponder the effects of each individual’s advocacy efforts and on the transformative journey that lies ahead for aspiring entrepreneurs fueled by a purpose-driven life.

The guiding forces of advocacy and entrepreneurship, when interwoven with a deep empathy for animals, create a compelling roadmap — one that Cait Luca navigates with unwavering zeal. Her voice signals a call to all who listen: change is possible and we can all work towards a world enlivened by compassion and action.

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February 15, 2024

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