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The Rural Shift with Sarah Bohnenkamp: How Rural Women are Changing the Way They Show Up


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Today we’re talking to Sarah Bohnenkamp, Hope Dealer and Anti-Average Advocate. She wrote an incredible article in our Fall 2023 issue number 12 of Trailblazer Magazine called Minding Your Businesses 3M’s. But today we’re talking about the shift and the shift is the unique approach that enterprising rural women are taking towards their businesses and rural lifestyles today.

So many women are rejecting the grind and hustle mindset that has been prevalent for so long in business and opting for a more feminine and integrated way of looking at their lives and their lifestyles. Today, we’re going to dive into curiosity, creativity, and communication. So tune in for some tangible takeaways and you might even have a couple of aha moments. Enjoy!

What it Means to be a “Hope Dealer & Anti-Average Advocate”

We jumped right into this conversation with Sarah Bohnenkamp on what it truly means to her to be Hope Dealer and Anti-Average Advocate. Sarah explained in this episode that she found inspiration through her community for being a Hope Dealer because the world needs more hopefulness and then the Anti-Average piece came from being tired of mediocrity. So she found the opposite of mediocrity and was left with Anti-Average. Sarah uses both of those skills as a leadership coach and consultant who works with organizations that want to be Anti-Average.

Escaping Hustle Culture

Sarah admits to being a part of the hustle culture, even having a sign on her desk that said, “Hustle, hustle, hustle”. At the time, that was the only path for her and it served her well as the career she had before her business was quite successful. She was able to climb the corporate ladder and hit the C suite. She lived for work and she had a lot of great success, but then the energy suck came with it made her realize that it wasn’t sustainable.

Sarah realized that wasn’t the kind of life that she wanted my kids to grow up in. She realized, in her desire to be successful and hustle, she was also giving away her time. She was setting zero boundaries and was accessible to anyone that needed at any time of the day. She had this expectation that she was just going to have to suck it up and put her seatbelt on a little bit tighter. One of our favorite quotes from this part of the coversation is this,

“What is going to influence what you do, and the things that you do will influence the results that you get.” – Sarah Bohnenkamp

Tuning Into Your Intuition

A big part of Sarah’s life is following her intuition and we wanted to dive a bit deeper into this topic with her. Sarah mentions in this episode that she thinks what happens as we grow up is that we’re taught that we need to move into logic and away from feeling. That we, as adults have to think our way through things versus feeling our way through things and listening and intuiting your way through it. At some point, we start leading with logic that we start to tune out our own intuition.

Sarah discusses that we were given two things when we were born into this world. We were given our free will, our ability to choose what it is that we want to do; and then we were given our creativity (AKA our intuition). Unfortunately, we’ve just gotten really good at stamping it out. Sarah believes that if you want to be effective as a mom, as a business owner, as a farmer or rancher, you’ve got to find a way to tune into that intuition.

This entire episode with Sarah was beyond inspiring and filled with nuggets of great information. Make sure to tune into the full episode below for the full conversation!

Other Key Points to Listen for in This Conversation With Sarah Bohnenkamp

  • The power of being a rural woman
  • How to lean into both your feminine and masculine energy at the right times
  • A personal story from Sarah on deep listening
  • How to channel your creativity

Connect with Sarah Bohnenkamp
IG @sarahjbohnenkamp

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September 21, 2023

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