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How the Women of Your Past Can Shape Your Future with Jessica Mose



As modern women, we often find ourselves juggling multiple roles and responsibilities, facing new challenges and pressures that our ancestors may not have experienced. But as we navigate this uncharted territory, it’s important to remember the lessons and wisdom passed down to us by the women who came before us. In today’s episode of the Trailblazher Podcast, we are sitting down with Jessica Mose, owner of Prairie Soap Shack, to explore the insights gained from the women of our past and how we can apply them to our lives today. We hope you enjoy today’s episode! 

The Changing Roles of Women

When we think about the women in our family, we can see how their roles and expectations have evolved over time. Our great-grandmothers may have faced different challenges, such as raising large families in one-room houses without modern conveniences. But that doesn’t mean their lives were neither easier or harder than ours. Each generation of women has had its own unique set of challenges and responsibilities, which we dive deeper into on today’s show. 

It’s important to recognize that while the expectations placed on women have changed over time and we now have more choices and freedoms, that doesn’t mean our lives are any less demanding. Many of us still want to fulfill traditional roles while also pursuing our passions and dreams. The key to managing the balance of this is to listen to our intuition and make choices that align with our values and what feels right for our families.

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The Power of Community and Collaboration

Something that Jessica Mose mentions in this episode is one valuable lesson we can learn from the women of the past, which is the importance of community and collaboration. In the past, women formed clubs and organizations to support and learn from each other. They would gather at each other’s homes to help with tasks like sewing, cooking, and cleaning. As Jessica Mose described in today’s episode, her grandmothers and great-grandmothers participated in these gatherings that not only provided practical assistance but also a sense of camaraderie and support.

In our modern world, it’s essential to seek out community and connection. While online communities can be helpful, there is no substitute for real-life human connection. Building a network of supportive women can provide the encouragement and support we need to navigate the challenges of modern life.

Nurturing Ourselves and Finding Balance

As modern women, we often feel the pressure to do it all and be everything to everyone. We may experience guilt when we prioritize our own needs or pursue our passions. But it’s important to remember that self-care is not selfish. Taking care of ourselves allows us to show up fully for our families, businesses, and communities.

Finding balance in our lives is a constant challenge, but there is no such thing as perfect balance, and each day may look different for you. Some days may be focused on family, while others may be dedicated to our businesses or personal pursuits. The key is to listen to our intuition and make choices that align with our values and what feels right for us.

Passing Down Wisdom to Future Generations

As we reflect on the lessons from the women of our past, we also have a responsibility to pass down our own wisdom to future generations. Whether we have daughters, sons (like Jess), or we are role models for young ones around us, we can set an example of what it means to be a strong, independent, and compassionate woman.

By involving our children in our passions and pursuits, we can teach them the value of supporting their partners and allowing them to pursue their dreams. We can also instill in them the importance of community and collaboration, encouraging them to build their own networks of supportive women.

The lessons from the women of our past are invaluable as we navigate the complexities of modern life. By embracing community, nurturing ourselves, and passing down wisdom to future generations, we can create a more balanced and fulfilling life.

As we move forward, let us remember the power of connection and collaboration. Let us seek out opportunities to support and learn from other women, both online and in our local communities. And let us continue to honor the legacy of the women who came before us by living our lives with purpose, passion, and compassion.

In the end, it is through the lessons of the women of our past that we can create a brighter future for ourselves and the generations to come. And if you liked this conversation, make sure to snag a copy of the 2023 Winter Issue of Trailblazher Magazine to see Jess’s full article feature.

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Connect with Jessica Mose, Owner of Prairie Soap Shack

January 11, 2024

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