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Mental health struggles can consume relationships. Understand that this is something your loved one is walking through and instead of matching their emotions and feelings while letting it consume you, stand separately in support of them. In addition, keep checking in on them, inviting them to places, and doing things together that both of you enjoy and have in common. This will help you to continue creating memories together.

4 Tips for Supporting Your Loved Ones Struggling With Their Mental Health

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You have approximately 5 seconds to grab people’s attention before they click off your website. Geez – talk about pressure to perform! A few years ago, having a website was a nice thing to have… today it is absolutely essential. And not just any website. Your website needs to have some key elements to convert visitors into leads or buyers.

Here’s an eye-opening stat for you – 96% of people who visit your website are there to browse only. They aren’t yet ready to pull out their credit cards or click their paypal accounts to make a purchase from you. The majority of browsers leave your website in less than 30 seconds if you haven’t grabbed their attention, and they may be gone for good. Yikes!  

Do You Know If Your Website is Converting Visitors into Buyers?

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We met the frost in the forest, in the small hours of the morning when the sunlight was just starting to grow bright enough to penetrate between the branches and dead leaves. Our boots crunched across the leaf littered ground, breaking through the ice that had formed over the puddles in the middle of the muddy road. The engine of the old farm truck rumbled and the steam from the exhaust crept out behind us. Today was a day for lumberjacks, and that’s just what we were that morning bundled in our plaid coats, mittens and toques.

A Change in Season

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