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Wisdom from The Wild: Alyse VanRamele’s Journey with Herbalism & Self Discovery



In this episode of the Trailblazher Podcast, we’re talking with Alyse VanRamele about her journey with herbalism and entrepreneurship. Alyse shares her journey with us about how a life-altering diagnosis of interstitial cystitis during her adolescence pushed her to explore alternative holistic treatments and herbalism. In doing so, she found relief and transitioned her herbal hobby into a business. Alyse also shares her emotional response to being featured in the Fall 2023 edition of Trailblazher Magazine and highlights her journey’s significance and the importance of external validation. We discuss the need for patience, self-kindness, and inspiration as sources of creativity and encourage sharing one’s unique journey, you’re not going to want to miss this one! 

Discovering Non-Traditional Relief

In the past, Alyse didn’t envision herself as a business owner, having pursued a career in interior design. However, her life took an unexpected turn when she was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis, a painful bladder condition, during their adolescence. Despite years of misdiagnoses and various medications, her pain persisted, leading to a deep depression. At around 18 years old, she decided to explore alternative approaches, including holistic treatments, diet changes, and stress management, which helped her regain some control over her life.

While living in British Columbia and experimenting with plants, Alyse stumbled upon Goldenrod, a plant known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which finally alleviated her pain. This discovery marked the beginning of her journey into herbalism. Goldenrod and Yarrow became her first plant allies, providing healing and inspiration. This experience led Alyse to embrace herbalism as a way to connect with nature, sparking a passion for sharing plant-based knowledge and the profound spiritual connection it brought to her life.

Sharing Herbal Magic With the World

While living in an intentional community Alyse VanRamele learned to create salves and tinctures, initially for personal use, but she soon began sharing these creations with others. The positive feedback and demand from friends and acquaintances in both BC and Alberta sparked the idea of turning this hobby into the real deal. As Alyses’ herbal products gained popularity, she launched an online shop and transitioned to Shopify for a more professional platform. Recognition grew when a survival and bushcraft magazine in France featured her products.

However, Alyses’ true passion is in connecting with people and nature on a deeper level, which led her to initiate “The Wild Stuff Goes Global,” with plans to travel, collaborate with herbalists and crafters, and conduct educational workshops worldwide. While the initiative was making progress, it was abruptly halted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, Alyse remains excited to see a growing interest in reconnecting with nature and traditional skills as people emerge from the pandemic’s challenges. Alyse shares about how she is handling all aspects of her business, She shares the idea of bringing someone else on board, which both terrifies and intrigues her. We were sure to talk about finding a balance between maintaining her business’s creative integrity and the financial aspect of hiring help.

Acknowledged, Seen, and Celebrated

Alyse VanRamele candidly shared her emotional response to being featured in Trailblazher Magazine, highlighting the layers of emotion it evoked. Initially, there was huge excitement about being in a magazine; however, the deeper significance for Alyse was in feeling truly seen and validated, which is exactly what we had envisioned for this community. 

Alyse had experienced challenges and misconceptions in her own community regarding her endeavors, and this recognition offered a powerful validation of her journey. Allowing her to stand confidently in her identity and story, emphasizing the importance of external support and validation. Alyse notes the need for patience and self-kindness, encouraging others to find inspiration in various forms as a source of creativity and a means to share beauty with the world. Her message underscores the importance of support, inspiration, and the positive impact of sharing one’s unique journey.


  • How to Learn More About Herbalism
  • Navigating Burn Out & Asking For Help
  • Staying Inspired and Have Grace

This is a follow-up conversation to Ayse’s full article in the Fall Issue of the Trailblazher Magazine, this episode serves as a highlight or recap of that article. If you’re interested in Alyse’s full story, then make sure to check out the Fall 2023 Issue of the Magazine.

Our Favorite Quotes From This Episode

“People are searching and being proactive about their health and their food and their relationship to the land.” – Erin Johnson

“Having clear intention sets many things into motion.” – Jan Johnson

“If you’re not inspired by anything, you’re not creating, and if you’re not creating, you’re not putting anything out into the world for other people to enjoy or love.” – Alyse VanRamele

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October 12, 2023

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