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Redefining the Family Business: The Dynamic Mother & Daughter Duo of Trailblazher Tell All



On today’s episode, we are baring our souls to you as we deep dive into the dynamic of what it’s like working and living together as the mother and daughter team that you’ve grown to know as the founders of Trailblazher Co. Some of the topics we will dive into on today’s show include:

  • What makes our relationship work
  • Why we are in business together
  • What keeps us connected
  • How we handle conflict
  • And so much more!

Building a Foundation on Connection

At the beginning of the show, we really dive into the foundation of our relationship as mother and daughter and how that shaped the women we are today. The dynamic of Jan as a single mom had a huge impact on our relationship, especially as I grew up into adulthood. There are some beautiful, tender moments of vulnerability in this episode that we hope you will appreciate. The connection that we have has played a huge role in our personal and professional growth with the Trailblazher Co. For example, several times in this episode, Jan mentions that she, nor I would be where we are without the life skills coach training she received early on. We like to consider these key moments in our lives as the building blocks of our relationship that have allowed us to flourish in business. 

Communication is Key

The first main topic in our dynamic is our communication. This should be considered one of the building blocks that helped us get to where we are today, but it is also something that we are continually working on to be the best versions of ourselves both in business and life. You will get a few chuckles in this part of the conversation as we recount several memories of our differing communication styles. While I (Erin), am more of a “put it all on the table” right there and then, Jan likes to gather all of the information and then retreat from the situation to process everything before responding. There are several instances that we cover in this section of the episode, and we’d love to know what resonates with you the most, you can head over to Instagram and drop your thoughts!

Blurred Lines of Codependency

When I was writing down the notes for this episode, this phrase came to mind when I was thinking of our dynamic. What it meant to me, was that there are advantages to us being so tight and close, and then there are times when if we don’t step back with a deeper level of self-awareness, it can be unhealthy. In general, we’ve overcome the big humps of working out the unhealthy kinks and dynamics of our relationship. However, there are times when we can be so comfortable having each other, that when we’re on our own, we might feel a little less confident or like the other half is missing. It was at this point in the conversation that I may have mentioned that I think Jan needs to get out more and get out of her comfort zone without me, so I hope you get a little chuckle out of that.

The bottom line is, we get very comfortable with each other’s company, and we sometimes need to stretch of that and entertain some new things, new people, and new experiences.

The Power of Two

When the two of us come together in our zones of genius, something much bigger comes into play. We talked a bit about this in our origin story episode but we dive much deeper in Episode 7. We go on to explain that it almost feels like something else tangible enters the room when we are both wearing our creator hats. We just get into this certain energy flow and we get to talking about the possibility of something that seems so big, but it lights something up inside of us to where we realize we haven’t been dreaming big enough. We also discuss the fact that this energy flow doesn’t happen all the time, in fact, we haven’t felt like this for a while because we’ve been too busy with the day to day stuff that we haven’t been able to connect on this level. It’s in moments like these that we feel the closest to each other.

Another key point I want to mention is that we bring a balance of both wisdom and energy. One of the advantages of working together is the age difference. Jan brings such wisdom to our partnership while I tend to look at things more through a marketing perspective. Another advantage of working together is our energy. We’re inherenty different people, I’m an Aries, so I’m fiery, high-energy, and you can typically feel the energy from me in the same room, which can go really good or really bad depending on the situation. Then Jan brings such a calming, present, and peaceful energy into play which balances us out perfectly.

There are so many other great points in this conversation that you won’t want to miss out on. Catch the full episode below and leave your thoughts with us on social media!


  • How to navigate business while being empathetic and an introvert.
  • Learning how to own the things that are ours and recognize the things that aren’t.
  • Identifying different personality types and working with and around them to be your best self.

Our Favorite Quotes From This Episode

“The cool thing about business and entrepreneurship today is that you can shape a business It’s based on your natural talents and the skills you’re developing.” – Jan

“When the two of us come together in our zones of genius, something much bigger comes to play.” – Erin

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October 19, 2023

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