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Unleashing Dreams Through Perfect Timing with Brittany Krook



In this episode of the Trailblazher Podcast we’re talking with Brittany Krook. In the Fall 2023 edition of Trailblazher Magazine, Brittany Krook, a woman of many talents — a wife, mother, teacher, artisan, flower farmer, and entrepreneur — shared her insightful journey in an article called “A Photo on the Doorstep.” Initiating “Little Farm on Wall Street” on their family property in 2020, she juggles various roles from education to managing the farm, which is a haven for diverse animals, with her husband Ryan, a local paramedic, and their homeschooled children. The narrative unfolded by Brittany underscores the unpredictable nature of dreams and ambitions, emphasizing that contrary to expecting a clear, detailed path, success often comes from taking incremental steps. She advocated for nurturing one’s budding ideas privately before sharing them with others. Her relatable tale is not just a testament to her perseverance but also an inspiration, encouraging others to introspect and heed their inner callings, underscoring the profound resonance of personal passion and purpose. Today we are going to dive a little deeper into just that!

Fields of Dreams: Where the Idea Calls

Brittany had a steady job as a teacher, but when they started having children, she knew her place was at home with them, especially during their early years. This desire for a family-centric life led her to work from home, a decision that coincided with the family purchasing an 80-acre property. The property was a dream come true, precisely the size she had envisioned, though such a specific acreage was uncommon and hard to find. Financially, it was a stretch; her husband had just switched jobs, and their bank was skeptical. The presence of a second house on the land, however, became their financial lifeline, as they planned to use it for rental income, convincing the bank to grant them the mortgage. In her heart, she felt confident that it would all come together, as everything else had so far.

She drew inspiration from the term “field of dreams,” feeling it perfectly encapsulates her aspirations for her flower farm. Her strong Christian faith underpins her belief that we all have callings in life and that following these, even when they’re not crystal clear, will bring peace and fulfillment. She’s always been intuitive, trusting her gut feelings when making decisions, a practice that has often proven accurate. She encourages others to strip away external labels and expectations to uncover what truly brings them joy, what “fuels their fire.” Her vision for the farm is expansive: it’s more than a farm, more than a shop; it’s a future tourist spot, a center for learning and creativity, and a space that offers much more than meets the eye.

Cultivating the Environment to Share

Brittany shared how her husband is super helpful and good at lots of things, making their dreams come true without spending a fortune. But she hit a rough patch in 2019, dealing with lots of anxiety, especially about keeping her family safe and happy. She didn’t want to feel this way anymore, so she made a big New Year’s resolution to beat it. When 2020 came, she had a big idea for their farm but didn’t know how to explain it to her husband, Ryan, who needs to see things to understand them.

So, she decided to build a website to show him her plans, keeping some parts a secret so he wouldn’t get scared off. The universe seemed to help out when they found an old photo of their farm right on their doorstep. It was exactly what she needed to show Ryan her vision. After their kids went to bed, she showed Ryan the website and the picture, getting really emotional about how everything came together. Ryan saw how much it meant to her and gave her plan the thumbs up, making her feel even more emotional. It was a big moment for them, showing that sometimes things just fall into place in the best way.

Harvesting What the Future Holds 

From the early days of Brittany’s relationship with her husband and through various life stages, she has always harbored a vision of success, vocalizing this aspiration as a self-fulfilling prophecy in their lives and marriage. Launching her business in January 2020, she didn’t anticipate the upheaval that would soon unfold globally. Despite the challenges brought by the pandemic, she found silver linings, such as a surprisingly successful Mother’s Day initiative that signaled she could adapt and thrive even under unexpected circumstances. However, the slow growth, partly due to the broader economic climate, has offered its own blessings, enabling a period of introspection and refinement for her brand and business approach.

Brittany Krook acknowledges the emotional rollercoaster of entrepreneurship, normalizing the feelings of doubt and anxiety that occasionally plague her. She’s learned to avoid rash decisions during these low points, recognizing that perspective and resolve can return with time. Looking back, Brittany’s proud of their hard work and progress, despite recognizing things she might have done differently. Recently, her focus has shifted more toward balance, ensuring her business hustle doesn’t overshadow her primary roles — as a mother and a wife. Her current goal is longevity, with a keen emphasis on maintaining happiness at home. She’s adamant about not letting her professional ambitions eclipse her family needs, emphasizing that no level of business success can compensate for a personal life in disarray. Brittany’s dreams are big, but she’s clear: they mustn’t compromise the well-being of her family, and finding that equilibrium is her paramount pursuit.


  • Turning Your Dreams into Passion & Purpose
  • The Beauty of Slow Growth 
  • Showing up Authentically on Social Media

This is a follow-up conversation to Brittany’s full article in the Fall Issue of the Trailblazher Magazine, this episode serves as a follow up of that article. If you’re interested in Brittany’s full story, then make sure to check out the Fall 2023 Issue of the Magazine.

Our Favorite Quotes From This Episode

“We all have a dream inside of us. And our circumstances really determine how that plays out.” – Brittany Krook

“We’re all collectively rewriting a different way to show up for ourselves and our families and have successful businesses and feel fulfilled.” – Erin

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October 26, 2023

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