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From Heart to Smart with Money: Shifting the Conversation with Janelle Lansdall



In this episode of the Trailblazher Podcast we’re focusing on finance with Janelle Lansdall, an independent financial advisor from Flowing Well Financial in rural Saskatchewan, Canada. Emphasizing the importance of discussing personal and business finances, especially for women, we highlight Janelle’s unique, soft approach to the often daunting subject of finance. Janelle offers unbiased, client-focused advice and aims to bring clarity and comfort to those overwhelmed by financial stress. This episode explores societal norms and beliefs affecting women’s financial positions, revealing how traditional roles often leave women vulnerable. Janelle’s goal is to empower both men and women in financial discussions, ensuring that women recognize their value and contributions to family finances. We encourage you to listen and feel empowered in your own financial journey.

Monetary Autonomy

Driven by her passion for independence and self-sufficiency, Janelle, originally a welder and heavy equipment mechanic, pursued knowledge in finance as a vital tool for self-protection, especially as a woman. Recognizing the traditional, gender-specific financial advice given to women – focusing on penny-pinching and household savings – she sought to equip herself and other women with a broader financial understanding, encompassing investments, taxes, and more substantial financial planning, typically directed towards men. This shift in focus also applies to her clientele, primarily consisting of single women and couples, where she emphasizes the importance of women being actively involved and informed in financial decisions.

After moving to Saskatchewan and experiencing a more traditional lifestyle, where women often handle domestic roles and men manage the financial responsibilities, Janelle became more aware of the vulnerabilities such scenarios create for women. Her personal experiences, combined with observing these traditional dynamics, reinforced her belief in the necessity of financial knowledge and independence for women. For her, money symbolizes a form of protection, crucial for women in maintaining autonomy, especially in the face of societal norms that may otherwise limit their financial involvement and security.

Free Financial Advice can Still be Great Advice

Janelle emphasizes the importance of cautious and informed exploration in the vast, mixed-quality landscape of the financial industry for beginners. When starting out, she advises identifying personal financial goals and seeking a trustworthy professional, emphasizing the significance of verifying the advisor’s credentials and licensing. Highlighting the varied nature of financial guidance, she notes the existence of both fee-based and non-fee-based advisors, with herself belonging to the latter category, offering foundational advice without an hourly fee.

She encourages people to take advantage of Canadian registered programs like TFSA, RRSP, RESP, and RDSP, advocating for their effective use in financial growth and tax planning. Education on these programs, Janelle believes, can be simplified through bite-sized social media content that she provides, aiming to demystify complex financial terminology and concepts. Her favorite recommendation is the Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) for its tax-free growth and withdrawal benefits, underscoring its suitability for every Canadian. Janelle is careful not to overwhelm with details, yet ready to offer deeper insights into financial planning.

Finding Perspective and Utilizing Resources 

Janelle Lansdall advises those interested in personal and business finance to start with an open mind, acknowledging that the topic of money often brings stress and negative associations for many families. She recommends resetting one’s attitude toward finances, and shedding past burdens. Her approach involves seeking a skilled, affordable professional within one’s own country to help organize and grow finances efficiently through compound interest. 

Highlighting the psychological aspect of financial management, she suggests the book “The Psychology of Money,” by Morgan Housel, to understand the behavior and mindset influencing financial decisions. This contrasts with her view on “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” which she finds unhealthy due to its perspective. She also mentions “Die With Zero,” which she feels has a somewhat extreme viewpoint on spending before death. Overall, she emphasizes the importance of balancing savings and spending, considering future costs like retirement and healthcare.


  • Making Finances Approachable 
  • Societal Roles & Stigma
  • Succession Planning

Keep an eye out for Janelle’s full story coming out in our Winter 2023 Issue of Trailblazher Magazine. In addition, if this episode moved you and you want to hear more from her, consider joining our business membership because she will be in our membership discussion on November 23.

Our Favorite Quotes From This Episode

“We can achieve abundance, but still run our business with our heart.” – Janelle Lansdall

“We’re just living in such an opportunistic time for women to be empowered around their finances.” – Jan

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November 2, 2023

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