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Talking Grief and the Tools to Help You Navigate it with Erica Leniczek



Welcome to the Trailblazer podcast! In this episode, we have a thought-provoking conversation with Erica Leniczek about the topic of grief. Grief is often associated with the loss of a loved one, but Erica reminds us in this episode that it can be attached to many other life situations and phases. She emphasizes that grief is a deeply individual experience and cannot be fully understood by others, even if they have gone through their own grief. Erica shares her insights on how to be present with grief, how to support others who are grieving, and the importance of communication and self-care in the healing process. Make sure to tune into the full episode to catch the full conversation because it is one you don’t want to miss! 

Navigating Grief is a Universal Experience

Grief, while not a widely talked about topic, is something universal to the human species, but it is also deeply personal to the individual experiencing it. Erica reminds us that just because we have experienced grief in our own lives, it does not mean that we can fully understand the feelings of someone else who is grieving. 

She explains,

“We’ve all suffered from loss and we’ve all grieved something, but that doesn’t mean we know what the other person is feeling. Grief is something that is very individualistic.”

Grief is More Than the Loss of an Individual

In her article that she submitted for the Winter Edition of the Trailblazher Magazine Issue #13, Erica explores the different forms of grief that people may experience, from the loss of a person to the loss of a relationship, a sense of self, or a life phase. She highlights that grief can manifest in various ways and that it is important to acknowledge and honor these different forms of grief. 

Erica writes,

“We can grieve the end of an era or life phase. We grieve the sale of horses. We’ve watched athletes grieve the end of their careers. And we’ve seen business owners grieve the loss of businesses, ideas, and a sense of self.”

At this point of the conversation, Erica reminds us that we are allowed to grieve things beyond a physical person. Many times we don’t realize we could be grieving the loss of a friendship or a close chapter of life, don’t disconnect yourself from those feelings. Instead, lean into them. In this conversation, Erica gives us several helpful tips and tricks for helping individuals cope with their grief, so make sure to tune in! 

Credit to Caitlyn Mary Photography

While Grief is a Common Experience, it is Highly Individualistic and Unique for Each Person

One of the key takeaways from Erica’s insights is the importance of communication in the grieving process. She emphasizes that open and honest communication can help individuals navigate their grief and find support from others. 

Erica also highlights the significance of self-care in the healing process. She encourages individuals to find healthy coping mechanisms that work for them, whether it’s journaling, going for walks, or engaging in physical activity. 

Erica writes,

“Find a way to get that emotional energy out, whether it’s crying, going for walks, or engaging in physical activity. By allowing yourself to feel and process your emotions in a healthy way, you can move towards healing and growth.”

In conclusion, grief is a complex and deeply personal experience that can manifest in various forms. It is important to recognize and honor the individuality of grief and to communicate openly and honestly about our feelings. By engaging in self-care and finding healthy coping mechanisms, we can navigate the journey of grief and find healing and growth. As Erica wrapped up today’s episode, she reminded us,

“You have survived 100% of your hardest days. You can survive today too.”

We hope you liked today’s episode and if you did, we’d love it if you left us a review on your favorite listening platform! 

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  • Tips on moving forward after loss
  • Scheduling time for grief and allowing yourself to feel and process
  • How Erica encourages individuals to feel their grief and find healthy coping mechanisms

Our Favorite Quotes From This Episode on Navigating Grief

“I think oftentimes if we’re the person grieving or who has experienced loss, we feel in those moments that no one has any idea how deeply we’re hurting and, perhaps no one can know what that feels like.” – Erin

“Not only do we think that grief lasts only a short time, but we don’t talk about it in the sense that it’s something that could last forever.” – Erica

December 28, 2023

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